How eBay Store Fees are Calculated


As an auction site, eBay has allowed users from around the globe to sell and buy items via its online portal. As a new seller, it is important to understand that there are fees that you will be charged when you list your item for sale on the platform. These fees allow eBay to continue providing you with the much needed service of supplying good to your customers. By calling the eBay contact number, you can ask specific questions about the associated costs. The following information will also provide you with those details.

There are different types of fees to consider, including:

Insertion fee – this is a fee charged to the seller when they list their item on eBay for sale. It is charged per listing and per category. This is despite of the amount of products listed. Every time you list and pay the fee, you will receive one insertion fee credit.

Final Value fee – This is the amount charged to a seller when they finally sell an item. It is calculated based on the item sale amount.

Advanced listing upgrade fee –this fee only applies when you add advanced listing upgrades.

Supplemental service fees – this fee is charged when you use extra (optional) services.

Store Subscription Fees

When you create a store on eBay, you will have a central point where buyers will get to know you and the products you sell. In the dashboard, you will have tools to allow you to sell, market, create reports and provide support. A subscription fee is charged every month once you open an account. Three accounts are available:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Anchor

For the basic store, you will be charged $24.95 per month as a MSF (monthly subscription fee) and $19.95 per month as a yearly subscription fee (YSF). For premium, you will be charged $74.95 per month for MSF, $59.95 per month for YSF and for Anchor; you will be charged $349.95 per month for MSF and $299.95 per month for YSF. Contact eBay if you are planning on opening a store. An agent can help to ensure that you make the best selection for your business.

Insertion Fees

eBay has set prices for fixed price insertion fee and auction style insertion fee. For example, if you open a basic account, apart from the monthly or yearly subscription fee, you will be charged a flat rate fixed price insertion fee. There are also flat rate auction style insertion fees. Your account will have selling limits for both in terms of listing. Sellers can contact eBay customer service to request higher selling limits. This request must be made by calling the company directly.

Final Value Fees

This fee is based on the total amount of sale. eBay has set various percentages for different categories for example:

Coins and paper money stamp – 6% of the total amount of the sale.

  • Musical instruments and gear – 7%
  • eBay motors, parts, accessories and tools plus supplies – 8%
  • Computer, tablets, networking and video game consoles – 4%
  • Consumer electronics, cameras and photos -6%

The rates shown above are only a guide to help you to understand how much you will be charged when you sell an item. Since this information is not shown with every listing as you create them, it is best to either make note of them using the fee guide provided on the website, or to call the eBay phone number for customer service and ask about specific final value fees for specific types of items.