Hey, Amazon! Where’s My Order?


After a shopping on Amazon, you will pay for the merchandise, add your shipment address, and then wait for two to seven days for your goods to be delivered to your doorstep. One week goes by and nothing happens, no goods or any explanation. You become frustrated and decide to return to the platform to check your account for any discrepancies. None are available but your frustration does not subside. Contacting Amazon customer service is of course recommended, but before doing that, consider the following…

If an expected Amazon shipment has not arrived, you will need to verify your shipping address and look for a notice of attempted delivery on your dashboard or email. You can also look around the delivery location for your package or see if someone else has accepted your package when you were not around. If not, you need to know that some packages travel via different carriers therefore check your mailbox or anywhere else you receive your mail.

When your merchandise has been shipped, you have the ability of tracking it via the available dashboard in your account. If you have different deliveries, you will be able to view the different delivery dates for each package. In order to track your package, you need to navigate to ‘Orders’ area on the dashboard, click on the order you want to track and then click on the track package link. This should provide you with shipping details. If not, call the Amazon contact number for help.

Common delivery problems include:

  • The item was too big and you listed a P.O box address as your shipping address instead of a street address.
  • Incorrect address – the address you provided as your shipping address is outdated or incorrect.
  • Your address format – you may have entered your shipping address in a way that the system does not recognize it which means it may be shipped by a carrier who cannot deliver to a post office box. Use the correct address format to avoid confusion.
  • The majority of carriers make three attempts to deliver a package and if it fails, it becomes undelivered. What you need to know is that some packages may require a signature.
  • The product may have been damaged during transit or it has been sorted to the wrong carrier. The label may also have been damaged.

During normal operations, delivery dates are usually calculated by taking the estimated shipping date and adding the transit time which is based on the type of shipping option you selected. The transit time is calculated as the number of business days which means that Saturday and Sunday don’t count. Holidays do not also factor in when calculating shipping time. Always subtract non-shipping days when estimating a delivery date. Amazon will always provide an anticipated date of delivery, even before the item has been ordered.

Amazon usually receives packages that have not been delivered. The carrier usually returns the package if it is undelivered and if this happens you will be issued with a full refund which includes the shipping charges. What you need to know is that orders which are returned as undelivered are not able to be re-shipped. If you want the same items, you can contact Amazon and order the same items once you have received your refund. After shopping, you need to verify your address to avoid any other delivery problems.