Hermes: 0870 218 1479

Call the Hermes contact number to be placed in touch with the Hermes customer service team. Agents can provide assistance with shipping rates, delivery & tracking of a parcel, problem reports, business services, refunds, complaints, and more. When calling the Hermes phone number, agents are available to answer your questions between the hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-6pm on weekends.

Hermes Contact Number
0870 218 1479

Responsible for more than 200 million collections and deliveries every year, Hermes is the largest home delivery courier in the UK. To perform this service efficiently, myHermes operates over 3,500 pick-up locations throughout the country. The company was developed in response to the substantial number of British shoppers opting to shop online. Although it was created as an online courier outfit, myHermes has expanded its services to allow customers to drop off small parcels for delivery. To connect with the company, call the Hermes contact number as shown here.

Hermes: 0870 280 5515

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5515
Make A Complaint020 7098 1888
International Number+44 207 098 1888

Hermes Customer Service

There are a variety of reasons why someone would need to contact Hermes, such as rescheduling deliveries, undelivered or lost parcels, and other delivery queries. As a result of the many needs for assistance, the Hermes customer service line accepts calls seven days a week during the following hours: Monday through Friday: 8am – 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 6pm. When you call during these hours, you will be connected with a live support agent.

Through Hermes contact, agents are available to assist with a variety of things, including:

  • Accounts and billing
  • Courier contact details
  • Damaged or missing parcels
  • General enquiries about sending and receiving parcels
  • Orders placed over the phone
  • myHermes complaints/ concerns
  • And more

There are other contact methods available in addition to the My Hermes contact number. Web chat is available on the company site during the same hours that the support lines are open. Email is another option that is offered on the site. Customers can submit the provided form and then wait for a response. The company is on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, where they typically respond to messages within a few hours.

Delivery Services

myHermes provides an extensive list of services, making it an all-encompassing delivery service that is ideal for sending out your parcels. If you require additional information on any of the services discussed below, please contact the Hermes phone number.

Services and extras offered by the company include:

Courier Services: Using 10,000 local couriers, myHermes provides door to door collection and delivery services. This allows the company to offer parcel delivery that is affordable, convenient, and easy for anyone to use.

Delivery for Amazon Sellers: Thanks to its extremely helpful Amazon Marketplace integration tool, myHermes is ideal for anyone who sells on items on Amazon.

Delivery for eBay Sellers:  myHermes is ideal for eBay sellers, thanks to the integrated shipment upload system that allows you to import all of your daily orders with just a few clicks.

ParcelShop: Using one of the more than 3,500 ParcelShop outlets located throughout the UK, you can quickly and easily send your parcels.

Business Accounts: Business accounts are offered by myHermes and are perfect for anyone who sends out over 150 parcels each week. My Hermes contact is recommended for business owners.

Extra Compensation Levels: Anyone sending a valuable item may want to pay extra for extra compensation levels.

Signature on Delivery: This service acts as the ultimate security measure. For the parcel to be delivered, someone must be available to sign for it.

Delivery Options

Similar to other parcel services, Hermes offers customers a variety of delivery choices. The pricing structure varies between options.

The options include:

  • Standard delivery: Typically takes two to three days for to be processed, shipped, and received.
  • Next-day delivery: This is ideal for businesses and individuals who need a fast delivery option.
  • Stated-day delivery: This gives the sender the ability to ensure their package will arrived on a specific date, which is perfect for special events including anniversaries and birthdays.

Call the Hermes phone number to request a rate quote for any of these services.

Sending a Parcel

myHermes allows you to print postage from your home or office by filling out the correct online form. Instructions are available or you can call the Hermes delivery contact number for assistance. When your parcel is ready to ship, you can drop the package off at one of thousands of locations or schedule a courier pickup. Courier pickup can be scheduled, as well as rescheduled if changes are necessary, online. Prices are available online or can be obtained by contacting the Hermes delivery contact number above. To obtain a general price quote for shipping, please visit the company website and enter the parcel weight and postcodes.

Secured Delivery

Secure delivery is most often used for sensitive documents and/ or private material that needs to remain confidential between the sender and receiver. To qualify for secure delivery service, a parcel must meet one of three specific criteria. The package can be delivered to a neighbour who signs for delivery confirmation. The package can delivered directly to the household where someone will be required to sign for delivery confirmation. The final, and most secure option, is delivery only after a PIN code has been validated. Should you need assistance with setting up a secure delivery, call the Hermes number shown here.