Harrow Council: 0870 218 1569

Call the Harrow Council contact number to speak with a support member of the Harrow Council customer service department. Representatives can provide assistance with a number of topics, including housing, council tax, planning, recycling, schools & universities, housing benefit, and parking & permits, to name a few. The Housing Council phone number is open for incoming calls Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Harrow Council Contact Number
0870 218 1569

Contact Harrow Council if you have questions regarding garden waste collections, council tax bills, parking fines, missed bin collection, planning applications, parking permits, or school admissions. Many different housing services are also on offer to individuals. Business owners may also want to speak with Harrow Council customer services regarding licensing, rates, and advice regarding setting up a new business. For information regarding local health care, education & learning, environmental matters, transport & streets, or health & social care, dial the Harrow Council telephone number as shown here.

Harrow Council: 0870 280 6978

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6978
Child Protection020 8901 2690
Children's Access Team020 8901 2690
Emergency Duty Social Worker020 8424 0999
Safeguarding Officer020 8420 9453
Environmental Enquiries020 8863 5611
Make A Complaint020 8424 1605
International Number+44 208 424 1605

Customer Service

There are many different areas that Harrow Council has responsibility for in the borough and therefore there are many different reasons why people may contact customer services. They may have a specific reason for calling customer services or they may simply wish to get a contact number for a different service. If Harrow Council customer services are not able to answer the questions of the caller they will be able to refer them to a place where their questions can be answered. Contact by calling the Harrow Council contact number is recommended because this is often the quickest way to get a question resolved as it can be answered in the same call.

Council Responsibilities

Harrow Council has a large number of responsibilities all across the borough. These responsibilities affect both residents and business owners in Harrow. This includes many aspects that affect people in their daily lives such as public transport, refuse collections and education. Any planning applications for changes to buildings should also be made to Harrow Council. They are also responsible for collecting council tax from residents and business rates from companies that operate in this area. The money that they collect from these sources is used to fund essential services in the area.

Resident Services

Harrow Council provide rented accommodation to residents through the properties they have in their housing stock. If people that live in these houses are entitled to housing benefit to help them pay their rent then this is also administered through the council, as well as to other people that are living in rented accommodation in the borough and those that may also need help to pay their council tax. If a resident is unsure about whether they are entitled to any benefits then they should contact Harrow Council for advice about how to apply and the documentation that they will need to provide.

Business Services

Harrow Council encourage businesses to start up in the area as it helps the local economy and brings jobs to the area. It provides support and advice to new businesses and this can be obtained by contacting the Harrow Council support staff who will be able to point the business owner in the right direction to get this advice. The council have commercial properties that businesses may be able to rent and they are also responsible for operating the trade waste service so businesses can expect to have many dealings with Harrow Council.

Problems & Complaints

There can be problems that occur with every aspect of responsibility that a council has from refuse collection to benefits being underpaid or overpaid. It can be frustrating when problems occur, and residents are encouraged to call the Harrow Council phone number so that customer services can help to try and resolve these problems. They should be the first point of contact for anyone that wishes to make a complaint as they will be able to take all the information that is needed and pass these on to the relevant department. They can also advise about any immediate action that the person making the complaint can take to try and help improve the situation that has occurred.