Gumtree: 0870 218 1460

Call the Gumtree contact number if you need to speak with a Gumtree customer service representative regarding posting an ad, reporting a security issue or fraudulent activity on the site, business services, and more. The Gumtree phone number business line is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Gumtree Contact Number
0870 218 1460

The number one site for classified advertisements in the UK is Gumtree. The company website has around a million new postings every single week. With 8 million visitors every month, the Gumtree contact number is always in high demand. The company dates back in 2000 when its founders came up with the idea of finding a way to help those who were either planning to immigrate to the UK or had just arrived in the country to find a job and somewhere to live. The idea grew into its current incarnation, a way to post classified adverts connecting those who want to buy and sell almost any kind of item.

Gumtree: 0870 280 5510

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5510
Make A Complaint0203 598 8081
International Number+44 203 598 8081

Gumtree Customer Service

Those who wish to contact Gumtree should call the contact number as shown here. However, if the query is a simple one regarding the way that the service works, the website will be able to provide the essential information via the Help section. The company can also be contacted via several social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you have received an email from which appears suspicious, you should email the site at – There is also the option to contact the customer service department through their live chat facility.

Customers can call the Gumtree phone number to:

  • Get help with placing a post
  • Get help with replying to messages
  • Get information if the search facility fails or if alerts are not working
  • Report a poor experience
  • Learn about payment options
  • Requesting information about posting Adverts on the site
  • Creating an Advertisement

If users wish to post a classified advert on the site, they can do so free of charge unless they want a featured listing, for which there is a fee. If a customer has numerous listings, they can make use of the media service which is perfect for business customers such as car dealerships, property owners and employers. Gumtree contact is recommended for businesses who wish to use the site for advertising purposes. All listings are accessible via Android and iPhone apps and around 50% of visitors use this method to access adverts. Listings cover a broad spectrum including property, vehicles, employment opportunities, furnishings, mobiles and gadgets.

If you wish to post an ad on the site, the first step is to create an account. After this, you must choose a category and then a sub category. A postcode must be added for the address and there is also an option to put a map on the listing to assist purchasers with finding the address. You need to come up with a title of no more than 100 characters and then you can upload no more than 9 photographs. It is possible to link your listing with your own website. You finish by choosing how you wish to be contacted, whether by phone or by email. If you need help with ad creating, ring the Gumtree customer service number.

Problems and Complaints

Should you experience any difficulties with your listing, it may be because:

  • You have selected an incorrect category
  • It is a duplicate advertisement
  • There has been a breach of the rules
  • The pictures have uploaded incorrectly

If there are no problems with the advert, it should go live within four hours of posting. Should there be an issue, you can contact the customer services department by dialing the Gumtree telephone number.

Depending on location and category, your advert will have an expiry period which may be 30 days; however you should make sure that you check this. The duration of the listing is extendable or if you wish to remove the ad, you can delete it before the expiry time. You can call the help center if you struggle to delete your advertisement.

Should you not be happy with the behavior of another site member, Gumtree complaints can be submitted when you call the help center. Support agents will be able to resolve your conflict and administer your complaint. The call center staff can also deal with general queries and any difficulties that are being experienced by either buyers or sellers.

Featured Adverts

If you are struggling to make a sale, a featured advert could be the answer. This will draw more attention to your listing as it will then be seen at the head of the search pages. You are therefore more likely to obtain a response. You are able to set up a featured ad online by choosing ‘Place Ad’, picking a category, completing the form and then finally, selecting ‘Feature Ad’. There is a cost for this optional service. Call the Gumtree contact number for rate information.