Groupon: 0870 218 1449

Call the Groupon contact number to speak with Groupon customer service regarding services or products offered on the site, redeeming a voucher, refunds, complaints, merchant opportunities, and more. The Groupon phone number is open for calls Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm. 

Groupon Contact Number
0870 218 1449

Groupon UK is located in London, but operates online via the company website. The company offers special deals for places to eat, places to visit, and items to buy either online or in various areas around the country. Operating successfully on the power of collective buying, Groupon offers deals of the day in different cities and locations. For those who need any type of assistance with purchasing or redeeming a deal, Groupon customer service is available to help.

Groupon: 0870 280 5554

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5554
Make A Complaint020 3510 0444
International Number+44 203 510 0444

Groupon Contact

When calling the Groupon contact number in regards to membership or coupons, you will be put in direct contact with a customer care representative. To send an email to Groupon customer services for support with regards to a received coupon, you can reach them at: The customer service department is available Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. You can find plenty of information about Groupon online, and can contact them on popular social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook

You may contact Groupon if you have any of the following concerns:

  • How to return your purchased product
  • Tracking your shipped product
  • You are having issues with your voucher code
  • The dates you want are not available, or your merchant is not returning your phone calls
  • How to claim a refund and when you will receive it
  • Experiencing issues with logging into your account
  • Having issues making a booking
  • You change your mind or you would like to cancel your voucher
  • You would like to make a formal complaint

Products & Services

When you arrive on the Groupon website, you will see a large variety of money-saving deals. These deals are updated daily. Besides getting deals on products, you can get deals on delicious meals and exciting trips. You can also get exclusive bar and café vouchers. If you do not see a specific deal that you are looking for, feel free to call the Groupon customer service number for assistance.

Groupon offers special deals on the following listed below:

  • Toys for children
  • Health and beauty products
  • Shows and events
  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • Home and garden
  • Pet items
  • Electronic items such as televisions, computers, cameras, and phones
  • Short trip deals in the United Kingdom and Europe
  • Vacations around the world
  • Outdoor trips
  • Greyhound racing
  • Exhibitions and shows- Beautiful homes, fun festivals of food and drink
  • And more

Account Management

You can get the product or service of your choice by purchasing a voucher from Groupon. Registering an account is the first step. If you need help with registration, call the Groupon phone number seen here. After registering, you will be able to buy a Groupon associated with the product or service of your liking. You will also be able to store credit, see your previous purchases, and change your personal preferences. Please be ready to give your name, postcode, and email address. You will receive a password for your account.

It is imperative for you to remember that the merchant (third party seller of goods and services detailed on the voucher) is responsible for the service or product you purchase. Groupon UK is not responsible for the merchant’s goods or services. You can use the Groupon telephone number to reach customer service if you would like to discuss this matter further with a customer service representative.

Payment Help

Account holders do have the option of saving a method of payment. This will make the purchasing process easier for you in the future. If you need to make changes to your free account, simply go online or call the Groupon telephone number. You can also contact Groupon customer services if you want to report security problems, cancel your account, or speak with a customer care rep about other concerns. Please remember that calling is the best way to get help with your account or payment methods.

Problems & Refunds

Customers can always experience problems with claiming a product or service they purchased on the website. When this occurs, customers are encouraged to contact Groupon Groupn customer service immediately. This will give the company an opportunity to resolve the issue promptly. Make sure you print the provided confirmation of the purchase, carefully read the instructions on how to claim, and use the voucher before it expires. If an issue arises that is not your fault, call the Groupon contact number for a prompt refund.

Working with Groupon

Groupon has worked with many companies around the globe. Contact the Groupon telephone number if you would like to find out how Groupon can help to expand your customer base and increase your revenue. The company will be more than willing to help you develop effective advertising, get new customers, and sell your products or services in targeted areas. You can learn more by speaking with one of the experienced business consultants.