Giffgaff: 0113 272 2000

Call the Giffgaff contact number if you wish to speak with a Giffgaff customer service agent who can provide assistance with product ordering, delivery & tracking, service problems, returns & refunds, complaints, and more. The Giffgaff phone number is available during customer service hours of 8am to 10pm, 7-days a week. 

Giffgaff Contact Number
0113 272 2000

Giffgaff is a mobile network operator that offers their services to UK residents. Founded by Gav Thompson back in 2009, the company is owned by O2’s owners Telefonica, and uses the O2 network for operations. The company offers network services as well as mobile devices. In just its first year of operation back in 2010, Giffgaff was awarded the Forrester Groundswelll Award and also given the Most Innovative Community Award. The company has also been nominated for other various awards including being named the Best Mobile Virtual Network Operator in 2012. The Giffgaff contact number listed here can be used to directly connect with a customer service agent.

Giffgaff Customer Service

Call the Giffgaff helpline to learn more about services, report a lost or stolen device, report any connectivity issues, report any concerns relating to security, or for new device activation. In addition to calling the contact number, it is possible to send an email to the company via the provided form on their website. On social media, customer service can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram. Information regarding products and services is provided on the site, and an online community is provided for peer-to-peer support.

Smartphones and Devices

At Giffgaff, customers are also able to buy mobile phones. Depending on the type and model of phone you wish to purchase, the company offers several purchasing options. To view the available options, visit their website and scroll to their “Our Offer” page. There, you can find the phone you want, pick how you want to pay, a select a Goodybag option. It may be possible to keep your current device but still order service. Call the Giffgaff number shown here for more information on using an existing device.

Customers have to agree to pay a 25% upfront payment after they selected their preferred gadget when financing is opted for. All phones have different fees per month and come with a 24-month payment terms. Before agreeing to the offer, please read the terms and conditions carefully. Giffgaff contact is highly recommended if you have questions about payments and financing.

Connection Services

Giffgaff launched its first prepaid SIM card providing 2G and 3G mobile services back in 2009. Now, the company provides 4G LTE services to its customers. Bundles of minutes, data, and texts are called “Goodybags”, and these are basically just service plan bundles. Their new Goodybags include standard 4G data with some of the best data bundles, texts, and minutes. A client can set the plan to be updated automatically or change it month to month. Some of the most popular options in the UK are:

-£10 Goodybag: This offer gives the user access to 500 UK minutes, unlimited texts, 1 GB high-speed data, and free calls to Giffgaff customers.

-£12 Goodybag: Here, a customer receives 500 UK minutes, unlimited texts, 2 GB UK data, and free calls to Giffgaff customers.

-£15 Goodybag: Entails 1,000 UK minutes, unlimited texts, 4 GB UK data, and free calls to Giffgaff customers.

-£18 Goodybag: This is by far the most popular option with 2,000 UK minutes, unlimited texts, 6 GB UK data, and free calls to Giffgaff customers.

Customers can pick the bundle best suited for them from the above options. For most, the choice is made based upon their typical usage. The more you spend, the better the Goodybag packages. Call Giffgaff customer service number if you need help with selecting a service plan.

Giffgaff has fantastic international rates. If you have family or friends living abroad, Giffgaff gives you the chance to call your loved ones at very low rates. Simply top up your line and start calling. To learn more about international rates, visit their website or call the Giffgaff phone number. Giffgaff also has a Data Only option for users who only want to access internet service. If you have a tablet, iPad, etc., you may need data only and not phone minutes or texts. With the Data Only option, customers can select the best data package depending on what they need every month.

Referrals and Earnings

The company offers an Earn Payback Points option that allows customers to earn cash by recommending Giffgaff to their friends and family. With each new recruit, you can earn a commission. To learn more about how you can earn more cash by recruiting new people, click on the “Become a Super Recruiter” section of the website or contact Giffgaff. You can also earn cash by helping new and existing members out in the Giffgaff forums. Ring the Giffgaff contact number to find out how you can become a “buddy” for newcomers.