General Guidelines for Setting up Your Sky Box


As a consumer, you have purchased Sky services to allow your family to enjoy different programs from sports to comedies and documentaries. Once you have your Sky box, you need to hook up the right cables to the TV and to the box itself. If you are not someone who is very familiar with electronics, it is important to follow the provider’s instructions in order to prevent injuries. The following are general guidelines, but if you need help, call the Sky contact number and speak with one of the Sky customer services agent.

To set up your Sky Box safely, follow the instructions described below.

1) Check the contents of the box.

After receiving your Sky DVB decoder you need to unwrap and remove the contents of the package. This gives you a chance to see what is contained inside. Normally, you will get a manual that will provide step by step instructions that will help you to set up everything with ease. Furthermore, the manual will list every item found in the box with a drawing of the item allowing you to identify it easily.

Generally you should find the following items when you open the box:

  • 1 Sky plus High Definition box
  • 1 Sky Plus control pad
  • 1 High definition multimedia interface cable
  • 1 cable for the Sky Box

2) Unplug any old DVB decoder.

To unplug your existing DVB decoder, start by switching off the electricity at the source. Once you have done so, proceed by pulling out the cable for electrical energy and from the DVB decoder too. Place the cable aside and start pulling out the high definition multimedia interface cable or SCART which connects your existing Sky DVB decoder to your TV. You can also disconnect from the TV itself as you will use the new cables available.

Unscrew and remove the satellite cables (both of them) from each dish Input port located at the back of the decoder. Proceed to unplug the telephone line followed by the removal of the viewing card located behind the flap found on the front of the old Sky box. Again, if you have any questions stop and call Sky customer services.

3) Connect your New Sky Box

Place the new Sky Box on a flat surface, start connecting the satellite cables to the Dish Input One and Two sockets; tighten them to prevent them from becoming loose. Be careful not to bend the copper wire in the cables. Plug the pink end of your high definition multimedia interface cable to the TV while the black end to the Sky Box. Plug the cable in the blue port and switch on the electricity from the source.

Insert the viewing card in the appropriate location; turn on the TV, press source to select the right one and then sky on the remote. When you get the message “Your Sky box is connected to the broadband router”, proceed to the next step otherwise recheck the above steps.

4) Connect to Broadband and Set up Single Feed Mode.

On your router, press the WPS button and do the same on the Skybox. Wait for a few minutes for the service to connect. For routers that lack the WPS button, consult a professional. Turn your TV to Channel 106 and follow the instructions. You can also use the Sky Service app to complete the procedure. At this point, your device should be working. If not, ring the Sky phone number to ask for help.