GDC: 0870 218 1483

Dental professionals should call the GDC contact number to becomes registered and must continue to meet the high expectations of the GDC throughout their professional career. Contact GDC customer service for information about events that are taking place in the dental industry, including details about tooth whitening, dental insurance, and many other industry related matters. The GDC phone number can be called 24-hours a day.

GDC Contact Number
0870 218 1483

GDC is an organization that offers regulation for dentists in the United Kingdom. Individuals should contact this company if they need information regarding members of the organization. Individuals should also contact this company if they need help with taking action against dentists who are participating in unethical activities. GDC closely regulates dental professions by setting high professional standards, offering quality assuring education, and offering official registration. The GDC will not hesitate to take swift action against those who work outside the law.

GDC: 0870 280 7006

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7006
Make A Complaint020 7167 6000
International Number+44 207 167 6000

Customer Service

GDC has several platforms where individuals can get any help they need and keep in touch with the organisation as well. For people seeking aid, accessing the board can be made via calling direct through their GDC contact number listed on this website. The call is recorded in a bid to enhance monitoring, compliance, and security. They also have several social media platforms offering the link for customers to get through with the board easily, besides having their website and address-37 Wimpole Street, London W1G8DQ. For email contact, use the web form provided to submit a message.

Products & Services

GDC has a council that oversees its operations to ensure patients’ safety. By phoning the GDC telephone number, residents can learn more about safety measures. They also offer services such as education and assessment meant to protect the patients’ safety, as well as yearly reviews on the same. Additionally, they register dental professionals besides setting and enforcing dental practices and protecting customers from illegal practices. Further, running consultations help in bringing stakeholders experiences to the limelight. GDC is also responsible in policy-making, usually run under reviews and developments. This includes running discussions and doing researches to incorporate the interests of stakeholders in policy lists.

Information for Professionals

Besides providing education on some issues, GDC also ensures that they provide guidance information that direct professionals on how to operate. These include guidelines for standards required for dental professionals, some principles concerning patient-related issues like patient consent, patient confidentiality, raising concerns and management responsibilities as well as team working, to mention just a few. Further, the board also offers guidance on such responsibilities bestowed upon the professionals as prescriptions, standards of commissioning, child protection and dental teamwork among a few other aspects that professionals have to keep on the check. Contact GDC for certification requirements.

Information for Patients

This information includes advice for patients concerning standards of professionals, and other questions patients may seek clarification for during the time they are undertaking their appointments on clinics. More information offers to patients are about details of dental professionals operating within the UK, which is kept in registers online. Additional information is also provided in links on other places where patients can get information on matters outside the board’s jurisdiction such as NHS. Patients can also get further information by making direct calls to the GDC customer service department or getting information on the social sites as YouTube, Face book, and Twitter for news and relevant information.

Problems & Complaints

GDC are open-minded about customers’ complaints, seeking to receive and respond to them promptly as well as learning from the complaints submitted to improve their service. For individuals with complaints about GDC, they can do so by either writing or verbally. With written form, any problem reporting, an individual can fill a complaint form provided on their website. Alternatively, the complainant can download a booklet from GDC’s website, fill in their complaint and sent through postal service. In the case of verbal complaints, it is advisable for individuals to call the customer advice and information team, and they will be heard out. Calls can be made through GDC contact details shown here.