Fedex: 0870 218 5107

Call the Fedex contact number if you wish to speak with a member of the Fedex customer service team. Agents can help with all shipping related matters, including price quotes, delivery tracking updates, problem solving, complaints, international shipping, business services, and more. The Fedex phone number is available Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

Fedex Contact Number
0870 218 5107

Fedex UK is the British section or arm of the American courier and postal services company. Fedex is actually the shortened name of Federal Express. The original company was set up in the United States, and expanded its operations into the UK in order to increase the volume of sales and increase revenues. Fedex UK indeed offers similar services to its American parent company and does so with the intention of delivering the highest quality of service and customer support. Should you need to speak with a customer service agent, call the Fedex contact number listed here.

Fedex: 0870 280 5575

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5575
Make A Complaint03456 07 08 09
International Number+44 345 607 0809

Fedex Customer Service

Fedex UK contact is an option by phone, live chat, email, and social media. To call the company, feel free to use the Fedex phone number that you see here. Live chat is available on the company website. You will need to select from international and domestic questions to launch a chat session. To send an email, you will need to use the provided online form. Complete the form and submit it to the customer service team. The company is active on social media, with Facebook and Twitter being the of the main contact options. On Twitter, customer can ask questions using the @FedExHelpEU handle for the company.

The company has a reliable and straightforward website that individuals and companies can use in to arrange the precise courier, collection, delivery, or shipment service they need to get things to where they have to be sent to, by the time schedule they need to be sent in. People that need information about such services will find that there are frequently asked questions and a virtual assistant provided on the site. Enter a bit of information about your question or problem and one or more relevant answers will be provided.

Products & Services

Fedex UK has years of experience when it comes down to offering services that are exactly what their customers want. For instance, the company offers urgent same day and next day delivery services. Those options are available in recognition of the requirements of companies of having collections or deliveries completed as a matter of urgency. When something needs to be done urgently then such options are without a doubt invaluable to their customers. Not all need next day services, however, and Fedex contact is recommended if you are a business that is in need of shipping service.

Shipping with Fedex

The Fedex UK is relatively easy to use; allowing customers to pick the services that suit their business needs the best. By going online customers can book in same day delivery or collection, besides guaranteed next day delivery when a tight deadline just has to be met. To suit business needs the next day service can be for 9 am, for 12 noon, or for the close of the day (which, is roughly for 5 or 6 pm). The company will then complete the order for the specified time and take everything where it has to go. Fedex UK customer service can provide rate information for these services.

Customers that place their orders online can trace and track the actual progress of the collection or the delivery, which they are waiting to be completed. Furthermore, if they select the signed for option then they will know when the delivery was completed, and who signed for things at the other end. Paying for the signed for service makes a great deal of sense, especially when items have been sent abroad. Choosing the signed for options only make the cost fractionally higher and that is made up for by having extra piece of mind. Should things be lost then the cost of replacements will be paid for. Contact Fedex UK to report any problems.

Tracking Deliveries

Those who are expecting a package can track the progress of delivery online. Enter the tracking number to view the details of where the package is and when it is scheduled to be delivered. Contact Fedex immediately if you notice any problems with the shipping process. One should also call the Fedex number to report a lost or stolen delivery. If a scheduled delivery date is missed, Fedex customer services can provide information about why the delivery was delayed. While the company delivers millions of packages without issue, problems can arise and the contact number shown here can be used to call for assistance.

Fedex aims to provide high quality courier and delivery services for all of its customers across the country. Given the stiff competition in the UK courier industry, the company is forced to remain strong in many areas, including customer service. It provides a professional and effective service, which the majority of customers are content with.  However, if you do have a complaint, do not hesitate to ring the Fedex contact number to report a problem.