Family Fund: 0870 218 1392

Families can reach out by dialing the Family Fund contact number for information on applying for a grant, grant eligibility, different grants that are available, disability criteria, and additional organisations and agencies that may offer advice, support and information on services for disabled children and families. Families may also contact Family Fund customer service for information on reporting a lost claim letter, making an appeal or complaint, requesting a change to your grant request, changing contact details, online account problems, re-applying for grants, and checking on grant and account details. Call the Family Fund phone number between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Family Fund Contact Number
0870 218 1392

Family Fund is a charity organization that provides financial assistance via grants to families caring for disabled and seriously ill children. Family Fund is an independent charitable trust that receives funding through the four governments of the United Kingdom, private donations, and generated income through their trading arm Family Fund Trading. The charity focuses on low-income families of disabled and ill children. Grants are provided for items that ease the financial, emotional, and physical burden on the families including: sensory toys, clothing, outdoor play equipment, furniture, bedding, washing machines, computers, tablets, and family breaks.

Created in 1973, Family Fund was created with the goal of alleviating expenses incurred by families raising disabled or seriously ill children. For more than 40 years the organization has helped in providing financial assistance for items such as sensory toys, household goods and basic needs. Today, Family Fund is funded through the generosity of government sources, private donors and commercial ventures that generate income for the organization. Nearly 90,000 grants are allocated each year to improve the quality of life for those living with illness and disabilities.

Customer Service

Those looking to receive a grant from Family Fund would do well in researching the organization’s website as well as reaching out to its competent staff by calling the Family Fund contact number. There are at least ten different categories for families to apply for support. Categories include kitchen equipment, tablets and other devices, entertainment for the family and clothing among others. Each category is clearly explained online and one can also reach out through the Family Fund customer service number for more information.

To contact Family Fund by mail, address communication to:

4 Alpha Court
Monks Cross Drive
York YO32 9WN

On social media, Family Fund can be found on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Support for Volunteers

Not all who contact Family Fund are in need of services. On the contrary, the organization encourages qualified individuals to become more involved and volunteer for the charity. As a matter of fact, there is a clear explanation for private citizens who want to establish a fundraiser to benefit the not-for-profit organization. Although setting up a fundraiser online is fairly simple, Family Fund staff is available to help contributors navigate their fundraising page as well as brainstorm ways in which they can get involved. From the smallest fundraiser to the most elaborate gala event, it is the collective help of the community that allows Family Fund be such an incredible resource.

Grant Applications

Customer service staff at Family Fund are also available to help those who have submitted or will submit grant applications for themselves or for another family. It is not uncommon to have circumstances change in the condition of the child, forcing the terms of an application to be revised. By contacting Family Fund staff applicants can easily learn to process for changing and updating an application. Inquiries about the status of an application can also be accessed via the institution’s customer service phone line. Although timelines are outlined throughout the application process, the organization encourages follow up inquiries from those who are unclear of how grant awards occur.

Grantees and donors can reach out to the Family Fund customer services staff for any questions. Grantees who want to better understand the terms of redeeming their grant and the process for procuring goods and services awarded can do so by referring to the customer service line. Donors who need documentation for their contributions or clarification of the impact of their support can also reach out the customer service number.

Organization Information

Family Fund is a valuable resource in providing opportunities for children with illness or disabilities. Its Board of Directors works diligently to fulfill the mission of the organization as does its programmatic, administrative and support staff. The Family Fund website is created to help answer user questions and clearly explain the grant-making process, but dedicated customer service staff is also available to answer questions and personally review individual files as needed. Call the Family Fund telephone number for assistance and information.