Exploring Amazon Gift Card Options


On the topic of Amazon and gift cards, one might think that the company only markets cards that can be used on the site. While they do, of course, advertise and market their own branded gift cards, Amazon offers many more options than just this. In fact, shoppers on the site will find a large variety of cards to choose from, in addition to some extra touches that will make the gift even more special.

The primary gift card options include a variety of retailers and restaurants, while also including options such as movie theaters, software companies, music download services, and more. If you do not see a specific card that you are looking for, try contacting Amazon customer service. If that particular card is available, a support agent will be able to provide you with a link. Most cards are offered in several different denominations, and some even allow you to enter any amount that you desire.

There are a couple of delivery options provided, such as email delivery, print from home, and standard mail. The standard mail option is an excellent choice for sending gift cards to others without having to mail them yourself. With Amazon cards, there is no shipping cost, even if you are not a Prime member. Of course, if you do have Prime, you can opt to have the gift delivered even faster with no addition cost to you. Print from home and email delivery are even simpler options, requiring no shipping and offering immediate delivery.

When choosing Amazon cards, a holiday or event-specific card may be selected. This may include not only a themed gift card, but also a greeting card to go with it. Your choice of words can be printed inside, so as to personalise it. This option is available for standard shipping only and there is no extra charge. However, Amazon does not allow you to print a greeting card from home. These options are typically not made available with options that are not from Amazon. Feel free to call the Amazon contact number if you have questions about the available options for gift cards coming from other retailers.

Special offers are sometimes made available, including discounted sale prices. This goes for both Amazon cards and those from other merchants. For example, select Mother’s Day cards are now being offered at a discount of 20%. There is also a reload offer going on at the moment, offering free funds when a customer reloads a balance on a gift card that they already have or have gifted. Contact Amazon to learn about the current promotions that are taking place, or to ask any questions that you might have about the plethora of gift card options that are available.