Expedia: 0870 218 3521

Dial the Expedia contact number to speak with an Expedia customer service adviser who can provide assistance with new bookings, making changes to existing bookings, discounts & rate information, cancellations, complaints, refunds, and more. The Expedia phone number is always open for customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Expedia Contact Number
0870 218 3521

Founded as a division of Microsoft in 1996, Expedia has evolved greatly over time. Since 1999, the company branched out on its own and became one of the biggest players in the online travel industry. In recent times, they have also purchased other travel companies and is now one of the biggest travel companies across the globe. While there are other huge competitors like Air Bnb and Booking.com, it still holds it position steadily with revenues that have reached approximately 5.8 Billion dollars. Expedia contact by phone can be completed using the contact number that is shown here.

Expedia: 0870 280 6836

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6836
Make A Complaint0330 123 1235
International Number+44 330 123 1235

Expedia Customer Service

There are a number of different ways to reach the, which include calling the Expedia contact number, sending an email and messaging or posting on social media sites. Phones lines are available to customers on a 24/7 basis and the customer support agents can respond to issues of concerns immediately. Email is also available for different types of issues; however, there is a delay in consumer response by as much as 48 hours before the team can get back to the sender. Social media sites are used for communication between the company and consumers. However, these sites are primarily used for marketing and advertising.

Reasons to contact Expedia include:

  • Completing Bookings
  • Flight Information
  • Refunds
  • Customer Service
  • General Inquiries and Feedback
  • Making a Complaint
  • Cancel Hotel Reservations
  • And More

Expedia Bookings

Making plans to travel has been made easy via Expedia’s official site. Through the site, travelers can make all kinds of different arrangements including hotel arrangements, airline travel, car rentals and much more. Expedia also makes it easy for their customers to search for the best rates available since it allows the customer to search by certain travel specifications like specific travel days, total number of travelers in a group and other important info needed to complete their bookings. In certain situations, consumers can also take advantage of exclusive discount pricing such as last minute getaway deals. For more information about these and other offers, travelers can contact Expedia customer service at any time.

Expedia has added a number of different features to their travel options. In specific, consumers can take advantage of their total holiday planning selections. Also, when consumers are booking flights and other travel arrangements simultaneously with domestic and international accommodations, they benefit greatly from the added discounts. Within holiday planning, consumers can choose several different categories including planning a ski holiday, Disney vacation, city breaks and a beach trip. All of which should be planned out well in advance to obtain the best rates possible. Expedia UK contact is recommended for those who would like to receive additional information and recommendations.

Expedia Accounts

Contact Expedia if you need help with creating or managing an account. Once the account has been set-up, customers can begin to make their own travel arrangements online or by calling the Expedia telephone number. Purchase details can be viewed in your account area, and may also be printed. It is possible to print out boarding passes as well as personal schedules online. It is also possible to make changes to some travel arrangements after logging into your account. Expedia customer service can help you with this if need be.

Expedia is serious about its security so they are asking consumers to report any instance hat appears to compromise their personal info. Also, if the person does not remember their account information like passwords and the like, they can obtain this info by calling the Expedia UK contact number. Be prepared to answer a few questions that will verify that you are in fact the actual account holder. In some cases, it will be possible to recover or reset your password online.

Problem Reports and Complaints

Because travel plans do not always go smoothly, Expedia has already made the provisions necessary for addressing problems and complaints. In fact, their customer support team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to solve and sort our problems to get to the core and provide a response as quickly as possible. When calling the Expedia phone number, consumers can report and receive resolutions to delayed flights, hotel overbooking and other issues that may happen when an individual is away on vacation or on an excursion.

Additionally, if the customer has problems that they did not anticipate on their side, modifications can be made without any additional charges. Meaning travel arrangements can be changed or completely terminated by the travel agent without the company charging any fees for these services. Expedia complaints can be submitted for any type of problem by simply calling the contact number for the company as it is listed here.