Equifax: 0870 280 7794

Equifax remain to be one of the top credit reporting agencies in the United Kingdom. A lot of people refer to them as being one of the biggest agencies in the world and their main competition is Experian. They started their business in 1899 and ever since then they have really made a name for themselves. The company is based in Atlanta and if you need the Equifax contact number then you’ll find it below. You can use this Equifax contact to get in touch with them about anything you need and it has never been easier for you to give them a call.

Equifax Contact Number
0870 280 7794

So as you can see, the Equifax phone number can be found just above and when you do give their team a call you will be able to speak with them about your current credit. When you do contact Equifax they will be able to tell you how you can increase your credit and they can also help you with any issues that you are currently experiencing. This remains to be the best way to get in touch with them and the Equifax customer service team will always be ready to help you with whatever you need. The Equifax telephone number can be found again here for your reference: 0870 280 7794. When you call the Equifax number, you will be charged at the normal network rate and they are open normal hours as well.

  • Credit Checks
  • Credit Builders
  • Credit Advice
  • Bad Credit Help
  • And More

So now you know how the service works and you also have the Equifax number, you can contact them at any time and when you do contact Equifax UK you will be able to get in touch with the team today to find out more. Call Equifax today.