EON: 0870 280 6415

Use the EON contact number to speak to an EON customer service representative about your gas or electricity supply, pay your bill or notify E.ON that you are moving home. The EON phone number is open between the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Fridays and between 8:00am and 6:00pm on Saturdays.

EON Contact Number
0870 280 6415

EON is a supplier of both electricity and gas, and currently is included in the “Big Six” UK energy companies. The company offers a wide range of energy solutions which are made available to homeowners and businesses, carving out a name for itself by being among the best customer service providers in the country. New or existing customers can make use of the Eon contact number shown here to connect with a support team member. Agents are able to discuss matters such as services, rates, boiler services, business energy solutions, and more.

Contacting Eon Customer Services

To contact the customer service department, ring the Eon phone number that we have provided. This contact number will connect you to the main line, where you can then select the department that you wish to speak with. In addition to the Eon telephone number, there is the option to contact the company on Twitter and Facebook. When contacting the company via social media, be aware that response times can be rather slow or non-existent if a message is overlooked. Email and post are also contact options. The mailing address for the company is: Westwood Business Park, Coventry, CV4 8HX.

Contact Eon if you need help with:

  • Establishing Gas and Electricity Service
  • Learning About Services and Products
  • Account Information and Meter Reading
  • Energy Efficiency Methods
  • Reporting a Move for Service Transfer
  • Reporting Problems or Emergencies
  • Information Regarding Business Services

If you are someone who prefers to seek answers prior to calling customer service, you might possibly find answers to your questions by visiting the EON website. The company provides a useful online and self-help area. This area contains information pertaining to EON’s services. Simply select the questions that are applicable to your situation and read the provided answers. If you already have an online account, you can make complete various tasks, such as bill payment, online. If you need help with this, phone customer services by ringing the Eon number shown here.

E.ON Contact for Tariff Information

Call the Eon customer service number to learn more about the various tariff plans that are available and what the advantages are to each. If you desire more control over your energy spending, a prepayment meter can be requested. A customer support representative can explain the various tariffs that are available and help you to establish new service or make changes to your current service. Agents can also accept meter readings and provide information regarding energy saving solutions. Low income households may qualify for reduced rates. Ring the Eon contact number to learn more.

Home services include both variable and fixed rate tariffs, with contract periods of either one or two years. There is a special fixed rate tariff available to residents who are age 60 or older. Energy saving tool kits are provided to those who want them, and savings may be had when certain home improvements are made. For example, a warm home discount is possible for those who qualify. Call the Eon phone number seen here if you are interested in a Green Deal, which provides a loan to cover the cost of qualifying energy saving improvements.

For business customers, Eon provides various electricity and gas plans to meet more demanding needs. For small to medium sized businesses, flexible and fixed tariffs are offered. Business customers are also provided with access to a consultant who can provide assistance, and a special interface that provides detailed account information. Free energy cost rate quotes are available to those who want them. E.ON contact is recommended for those who wish to learn more about energy solutions for their business.

Problem Reporting and Account Assistance

Service outages, emergencies, and other problems should be reported to Eon customer services. The contact number provided here will connect you to the main line and then with the proper support staff. Emergency reports are accepted at all hours, with no exceptions. If you encounter other types of problems, such as billing issues or difficulties with submitting a payment for services, it is very important that you contact EON and talk with a customer service representative who can provide a solution.

Eon Energy is committed to preserving the environment, while providing energy services to those who need them. The EON telephone number offered here can be utilized to be connected with the customer service team. Do not be reluctant to contact Eon if you have any questions or need to report problems. Customer service agents are standing by to provide answers and support.