Enfield Council: 0870 218 1565

Dial the Enfield Council contact number if you wish to speak with someone in the Enfield Council customer service department. Support is available for many local matters, including those related to housing, social care, public health, community safety, tourism, benefits, fraud, employment, and more. Residents and non-residents can call the Enfield Council phone number Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm to speak with support personnel.

Enfield Council Contact Number
0870 218 1565

Dial the Enfield Council telephone number for support with payments such as council tax, business rates, housing rent, housing benefit overpayments, and penalties. Problem reports may also be submitted by through Enfield Council contact, including complaints related to noise, missed bin collection, parking, graffiti, and abandoned vehicles. Feel free to contact the council to submit request related to school admissions, rubbish collection, clinical waste collection, and more. For information regarding planning and building, dial the contact number listed here.

Enfield Council: 0870 280 6979

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6979
Make A Complaint020 8379 1000
International Number+44 208 379 1000

Enfield Council Contact

There are several reasons for Enfield Council contact, including information request, payment for services, to voice opinions about local activities, and more. The council can be reached by calling the Enfield Council contact number. They can also be reached via social media. The council does provide online forms for problem reports, formal complaints, and more. Some matters, such as those dealing with Housing Benefits are best dealt with over the phone. The Enfield Council phone number is open to callers from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. There are three council building locations that can be visited to make payments or submit forms.

Setting Up Services

New residents to the area will need to contact Enfield Council customer services to establish new services such as bin collection, parking permits, and school admissions. New businesses should contact the council to learn more about business permits and taxes. Individual residents should also call the Enfield Council phone number to discuss council tax rates and arrange for the payment of taxes. For all other first-time services, call the Enfield Council number shown here. For the new resident, the council serves as an excellent resource for providing all types of local information.

Submitting Payments

Residents of the area may be required to submit payments to the council such as for council taxes, business rates, housing rent, services charges, ground rent, and more. There are several options for making payments, such as in-person, online, and by calling the Enfield Council telephone number. The Enfield Council customer service department should be contacted when there are any questions about amounts owed, late payments, or billing disputes. The support team should also be contacted by new residents who need to set up first-time payments. This includes business owners who may need to pay licensing fees and other related fees.

Support Services

Enfield Council is offers several support services related to health, employment, housing, adult social care, and education. School admissions requests can be submitted online, but it may be best to speak with a council support member before submitting an application. The phone number shown here can be used to call and request complete details about the support services that are on offer. Furthermore, the council can provide information on general services such as libraries and parks. Parking and transport also falls under the domain of the council, and therefore residents may call the Enfield Council contact number to discuss parking and street issues.

Problem Reports

Residents may also need to contact Enfield Council to report problems such as noise nuisance, missed bin collection, rubbish dumping and litter, park problems, graffiti, or abandoned vehicles. Problems such as downed trees or power lines may need to be reported to energy companies, but should also be reported to the council if they are on public property or are causing hazardous conditions. Emergencies can be reported outside of business hours by calling the primary Enfield Council contact number and making the proper selection. A complete list of problems that can be reported can be viewed on the Enfield Council website.