EE: 0870 280 0488

Dial the EE contact number to speak with an EE customer service representative about your EE mobile phone contract, Pay As You Go or your EE broadband services. The EE phone number is open between the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Fridays and between 8:00am and 6:00pm Saturdays and Sundays. The EE helpine is busy after 5:00pm Monday to Friday so try and make sure you call EE before then.

EE Contact Number
0870 280 0488

EE (Everything Everywhere), is mobile phone sales and network operator, as well as a provider of internet services. At this time, the company offers mobile devices and subscription services. The end result of a merger involving Orange and T-Mobile, EE is at this time the largest telecom company in Britain, holding the top spot in both revenue and subscriber numbers. EE employs approximately 15,000 people nationally, many of whom provide support to customers. To reach out the the EE customer service department, call the EE contact number shown here.

EE Customer Service Number

Prospective customers can contact EE to learn more about all the latest offers, devices, and services that are being offered. The company carries many of the latest mobile phone handsets, such as those from Apple and Samsung. They also offer service plans that include pay as you go services for those who do not want to be bound by a contract. To find out more about current offers, ring the EE number listed here and speak with one of their customer service agents.

EE customer services can provide assistance with:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Broadband
  • Fibre Broadband
  • Tablet and Data Tariffs
  • Home Phone Lines
  • EE TV
  • 4GEE Action Cam
  • And More

The EE phone number that you see here is open for incoming calls from 8am-8pm, Monday – Friday. On weekends, the EE helpline is open from 8am-6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. In addition to phone support, EE help is available via email and social media. The company website is an excellent resource for information. Customers are free to navigate through the self-help section by making selections that are related to their question or problem and viewing the provided answers. If you are not able to find relevant information, EE contact via phone is recommended.

EE Support for Accounts, Billing & Payments

For account and billing support, ring the EE customer service phone number seen here. Contact EE if you have any questions about your billing statement, would like submit a payment, or to discuss the charges on your telephone bill in more detail. Customer service agents can provide clarification and help you to understand your future statements. Account assistance is also available. Phone EE if you need to update your address, contact number, or saved method of payment. If you wish to start or stop direct debit payments, contact EE.

Larger than average bills may be the result of any number of variables. It is possible to exceed your data usage or phone plan limits. Placing calls while abroad can also result in additional charges. Talking to a EE customer services specialist will help to ensure that you select a tariff plan that is suitable for how you plan to make calls and use data. The EE phone information that you see here can be used to connect with a support agent.

Call EE for Technical Support and Problem Reports

If you need any support because your device or services is not working correctly, ring the EE customer services number that we have provided for you. Troubles with internet connections and slow speeds could be solved by calling the EE telephone number and troubleshooting the issues with a technician. Problems with devices and network coverage problems can be reported by calling the EE complaints line. This contact number may also be used to report issues with WiFi, EE 4GEE, and other devices that were purchased from the company.

Contact Number for EE Broadband & Fibre Services

To learn more about EE’s latest internet service, contact EE. The company offers both fibre and broadband access for your home and mobile devices. If you experience any problems with your connection speeds, your router settings, or your connection, call the phone number for EE. The company currently provides internet services to over 85% of the United Kingdom. Internet services are provided to customers that are within specific areas. Contact EE customer service to ensure that you are in a service area.

Even those who are not in a suitable region for fibre can still order standard broadband service. Broadband is capable of delivering connection speeds up to 17mb. Should you need faster speeds, contact EE to determine if your area can receive 4G. Included with fibre broadband service is a special router. The router comes with built-in security to protect your computer systems. Call minute bundles are included with most internet services. The may include, mobile and landline calls, as well as international calls. For more information, dial the EE contact number to get in touch with an agent.