Ebay: 0870 280 2390

Call the eBay contact number on 0870 280 2390 to speak to the eBay customer service team for assistance with buying selling with your eBay account. You can contact eBay customer services between the hours of 8am and 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday (UK Times).

eBay Contact Number
0870 280 2390

Useful eBay Contact Numbers:

DepartmentUK Contact Number
eBay Customer Service03442 411 653
Poweseller Support020 8605 3111
Main Switchboard020 8605 3000

eBay Customer Service Opening Times:

Monday to Friday8:00am-10:00pm

Contact eBay By Post:

eBay Customer Services By Post:
eBay Customer Service
P.O. Box 9473
Dublin 15
Contact eBay International AG:
eBay International AG
Helvetiastrasse 15/17
CH-3005 Bern

eBay is the world’s largest online market place. It provides a platform where individuals and businesses can buy and sell almost anything to one another in a fun, motivating and accessible manner. If you require further information before embarking on selling products on eBay then call eBay customer service number 0870 280 2390. The process of selling commences by a seller listing a product for sale on eBay, this can be anything from vintage antiques to bedding to a well-loved sports car. The opportunities are endless! The sellers list the item as either a “buy it now” option, or an auction item. Buying and selling on eBay is an exciting, easy and fun way to make some money or purchase that unique item that you have always dreamed of.

Getting started on eBay

START written on roadeBay has fast become a popular method to buy and sell a whole wealth of products and services on the internet. Its colourful and fun website allows individuals and businesses to buy or sell a wide range of products, new and second hand, with very few restrictions as to what cannot be sold. This offers an online retail venue where unique, rare and exclusive items can be bought and sold by individuals from around the world.

Using eBay is an excellent way to make some money when having a clear out of the cupboard, moving house or trying to clear some space in your home, office or work environment. Should this be something that you are interested in you can simply contact eBay on 0800 358 6551 where a customer services representative will be happy to talk you through the process.

eBay offer the buyer a range of alternatives when they have located an item or service that they wish to purchase. Buyers can choose a product with a ‘buy it now’ option where they will be able to instantly purchase the product for the price supplied by the seller. This is a quick transaction where as soon as payment has been made the purchaser has bought that item. The other option is to enter into an online auction. The buyer will have the opportunity to bid on an item up to their maximum price, however with this option there is always the chance that buyers will enter into a bidding war and the product may be lost. The process is easy to follow and there is online support available at each stage, if after reading you still are unsure you can use the eBay customer service phone number 0870 280 2390 where a dedicated customer services assistant will be happy to answer any remaining questions.

An Introduction to eBay

eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in September 1995. He had a vision that he would create a successful online marketplace for the buying and selling of services and goods. Pierre concocted the idea in the living room of his house in San Jose. Over the years that followed Pierre’s vision began to evolve as did the eBay business. In 1998 Pierre alongside the eBay co-founder, Jeff Skoll, embarked on the decision to bring in Meg Whitman who had a wealth of retail knowledge and used her past retail contacts to build an established and experienced management team for eBay.

Buy and Sell signpostFrom day one eBay’s mission was to connect people as oppose to selling them products. This has clearly been achieved, and as eBay moved away from the perceived image of only selling collectibles through an online auction they began to attract an array of well-known brands to their selling market.

eBay currently control over 80% of the internet based auction market. Although they have some major competitors, including Amazon and Yahoo who between them have been in operation a lot longer, eBay it appears outranks them due to their low prices and the advantage of being first to market. Should you wish to learn more about the advantages of using eBay as a selling or purchasing platform you can contact eBay on 0345 355 3229.

Contacting eBay Customer Service

If you wish to speak to an adviser you can dial the eBay customer services Freephone number on 0800 358 6551. Where you can gain assistance with issues relating to buying or selling an item and matters relating to your eBay account.

The eBay helpline operates on a Monday through to a Friday from 08:00am to 10:00pm and on a Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 09:00am and 6:00pm.

You can also access the eBay community help boards and the eBay answer centre online at or you can use eBay’s online chat feature between the hours of 06:00am and 12:00am.

Ebay customer service can help you with a range of queries including:

  • Purchasing an item
  • Paying for an item
  • Bidding or using Buy It Now
  • Leaving feedback
  • Resolving buyer/seller problems
  • Shipping problems
  • Returns and refunds
  • And more

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Selling on eBay as a Private Seller

Selling on eBay is a great way to generate some revenue whether you are an individual or a business. Before commencing any type of selling activity on eBay it is worth conducting some research by searching previous or similar listings to receive some guidance on aspects such as; setting a starting price, postage and packaging cost, most effective ad formats and so forth. If after researching you are still unclear about the best way to market your product you can receive further guidance by calling the eBay phone number on 0870 280 2390 where a member of the eBay support team would be happy to help.

As a way of appealing to private sellers eBay has created an online marketplace which replaces the need to have to take your products to bring and buy sales, car boot sales and such like. It is a more convenient selling platform which enables you to connect with a wider market, thus increasing the probability of selling your item. Even for a first time seller the process is relatively simple and eBay customer services will be available to help you along the way through their online service or by calling 0345 355 3229. To sell on eBay you most ensure that you register first, prior to listing your products. It is free to register and you will only need to complete this part of the process once.

It is important to note that throughout the process of selling an item the buyer may have a question relating to the product prior to or after purchasing. They will contact you through the ‘Ask Seller a question’ section of eBay. It is important that you respond to their question in a prompt, honest and respectful manner. This not only allows the transaction to run smoothly but also keeps the seller interested in your listing and promotes positive feedback. If you are unable to answer the question or are struggling with this feature you can gain assistance through calling the eBay customer support phone number.

Selling on eBay as Business

Dice with SELL written on the faceAs a business eBay has the potential to significantly increase your target market as it is a global marketplace which connects you with worldwide customers. Registering as a business on eBay provides you with the benefit of having an identifiable name and if well managed you can quickly build up a positive reputation as a seller, encouraging customers to choose your business to facilitate their purchases. If you are unsure whether to register as an individual seller or a business you can call the eBay help service on 0345 355 3229 where an eBay representative can advise you accordingly. However as a ‘general rule of thumb’ you need to choose a business account if you are; selling new or second had items which you have bought with the intention of selling on, selling items which you have produced yourself with the intention of selling, selling on a regular basis a large amount of items or you are selling as a trading assistant.

There are some advantages to being a business seller which can be discussed in more depth by calling the eBay customer support number at the top of this page where they will also be able to provide information on the fees you will be required to pay. The most prominent benefits are that business sellers may be entitled to a reduction in eBay fees, can display their contact details along with their terms and condition on all ads and amongst others by registering as a business you could become entitled to some tax advantages.

Completing a Sale as an Individual Seller or a Business

Auction hammer on the words soldFinishing up a sale with a buyer can be a crucial part of the eBay process. How you handle this aspect of the operation can mean the difference between a stress free sale and positive buyer feedback or a complex sale with negative comments left on your feedback forum.

The key to success is communicate with you buyer, ensure that you have been transparent with your description and your costings, including postage and packaging and ensure you contact you buyer within 3 days of your listing ending if you have not heard from them. Also remember eBay are there to help should communication with your buyer prove unsuccessful and they can be contacted through the eBay telephone number.

Once you have received payment from your buyer and it has been accepted and credited to your account it is time to post your item. The priority at this stage is to safeguard you product by packaging it well so it is received in the advertised condition. If you require further tips on packaging your item this can be found online or through the eBay contact number. Once sent you can then leave buyer feedback or you may wish to wait until the buyer has received their products in case any further correspondence is required.

Posting and Packaging

To ensure that postage and packaging is kept fair eBay cap the price that can be charged by the seller. It is important to remember that the more competitive you make your postage and packaging cost the more likely you are to receive the sale. If you are unsure what to charge for your postage or packaging cost you can either call eBay on 0870 280 2390 for assistance with this matter or more conveniently you can use the online postage estimator tool.

As a business you may wish to increase your appeal by offering free postage and packaging to you customers if the likelihood is that they will receive their ordered product within three working days eBay has the ability to mark your item with a special fast and free logo on the listing page. This can make your advert stand out from others and may be more attractive to potential purchasers. Use the contact number for eBay should you find that your adverts are consistently not being marked as fast and free even though you are meeting the requirements.

Boxes in a lineIt is recommended that sellers ensure that they use a postal tracking service so that they have proof that they posted the item. If a customer does not receive a parcel that you have dispatched and you can provide them with a copy of the tracking information this protects you against disputes being opened and negative feedback being left. If when checking a missing parcel you met the stated guidelines for posting the item but the item has been in transit for 7 days or 10 days if an international shipment, then you should proceed to refund the buyer the purchase price plus postage and packaging costs for the item and claim this money back from the postal carrier that you used. EBay provides guidance online on how to process refunds or you can use the eBay telephone number where an assistant will guide you through the process.

eBay Global Shipping Programme

Boxes surrounding a globeeBay offer a global shipping programme (GSP) this allows both businesses and private sellers to not feel the need to decrease their target audience by not shipping worldwide. From September 2014 eBay automatically began enrolling accounts into their GSP. If a seller wishes to opt out of this programme they can do so online or calling the eBay number 0345 355 3229.

The global shipping programme automatically adds international shipping costs on to your advert for the buyer to see, however the seller is only accountable for the cost of sending the parcel to a UK shipping centre. All the necessary customs and international shipping paperwork are done on behalf of the seller and the parcel is tracked throughout the delivery process. Should any issues arise with the delivery process or the condition in which the product was received eBay will protect your sellers standards and assist you with any communication with the buyer. If you would like further information relating to this programme then please call customer services on the eBay telephone number.

eBay Selling Restrictions

Man stood next to a big red crossBefore listing any items for sale on eBay it is important that sellers are aware of the rules and regulations relating to acceptable products to sell and those which are prohibited or restricted. Sellers may find that there are specific instructions relating to how they can market a certain product. It is vital that if a seller is unsure of the acceptability of their product that they ensure they use the eBay help service by contacting them on 0870 280 2390 or seeing if the answer to their question is listed online. A seller could have their eBay account suspended if they infringe on eBay marketplace rules.

Items prohibited on eBay generally breach laws enforced in the UK and other countries around the world. In some cases items may be prohibited on eBay but legal to sell to adults if purchased away from the eBay site, therefore it is always best for sellers to check before listing an item.

Items which are prohibited from being sold on eBay include; drugs, drug paraphernalia, lock-picking devices, firearms and weapons, adults only material, police-related items and more. Examples of restricted items are; alcohol, used cosmetics, football tickets, catalogue sales, food and credit cards. A more comprehensive list of prohibited and restricted items can be found on www.ebay.co.uk or if you have a specific enquiry you can use the stated contact number for eBay.

Buying on eBay

Many people have now taken the plunge to use the online auction site to buy products. EBay is an affordable and effective method to buy a wide range of products ranging from your favourite cosmetics, from a unique outfit to a new outdoor furniture set for your garden.

EBay promotes an accessible site and prides themselves on their customer service which can be accessed online or by calling the eBay contact phone number.

Before proceeding with making purchases on eBay customers will need to set up an eBay account and register as a buyer. There is a step by step guide available online to achieve this or you can reach out to a dedicated customer support assistant, again contactable through the eBay number.

Once registered buyers are free to browse the ingenious site which is eBay and make those planned or spur of the moment purchases either by buying at a fixed price or participating in an online auction listing.

When purchasing an item the buyer will be able to see photographs and a description of the item that they are interested in. Available in the listing should also be a price for posting and packaging and the estimated time scale for delivery once the item has been purchased. Buyers will also be able to contact the seller should they have any questions or if any of the above listed information has not been provided and the seller is not responding you can get help by using the eBay helpline number.

BuyingAn important feature when making a purchase is that buyers will have the ability to peruse feedback from previous customers relating to the seller. This helps buyers to make an informed decision regarding the reliability of the seller and the quality of the product. If a buyer has any concerns regarding the seller they can contact an eBay advisor by using the online chat feature, by visiting the FAQ’s or by calling the eBay customer support number. EBay want their customers to be able to buy with confidence, enjoy the eBay experience and use the site as their number one buying tool and welcome contact and feedback from their buyers.

Buyers needs to remember that a pledge to buy or the placement of a bid on an auction listing enters them into a contract with the seller and as a result there are obliged to buy the item. In some circumstances the seller may choose to cancel the transaction if they feel the buyer has a legitimate reason to want to do so, this however if not obligatory of the seller.

Returning An Item From eBay

Box with returns written on sideEBay sincerely hope that people are happy with their purchases, if however the buyer receives the item and then decides they have changed their mind, most sellers will accept returns. Customers wishing to return an item, firstly need to check that the seller allows this by checking on the listing or by looking in their previous purchase history. If after checking the customer is unable to find this information they can use the eBay customer care number where an assistant will help with its location. Following this the buyer needs to click on return and follow the step by step instructions. It is worth remembering that if the product was received as described then the buyer is responsible for the postage charges to return the item.


EBay places great importance on their sellers not only delivering a product to the buyer but also providing buyers with a good level of service. On occasions the buying and selling process breaks down for all manner of reasons. To protect buyers eBay offers a money back guarantee should sellers have not adhered to a range of stipulated seller standards. (To view these standards please visit the eBay site or speak to an eBay employee by calling the eBay customer service telephone number)

Broken handshakeInitially when a buyer receives a product that is not as described or they have not received the item in question a ‘request’ is opened. If the seller does not respond to this request or a solution cannot be reached between the two parties this is the time to involve eBay by dialling the customer services number 0870 280 2390 or by reporting it through the eBay website. Once eBay have become involved this is classed as a ‘case’. Should a case not end with a seller resolution, the decision will be down to eBay or PayPal to review.


Every seller on eBay has to offer PayPal as a payment method.

Buyers on eBay are able to link their eBay account with their personal PayPal account and this is recommended as the quickest and most efficient payment method.

Although eBay customer service are unable to support you with issues directly linked to PayPal you can use the PayPal contact number 0870 280 2561 where a PayPal representative will be waiting to assist you

eBay On Social Media

Recently eBay has had a push on their social media presence to ensure they are reaching a wide audience and providing constant visual stimuli to encourage people to consider eBay for all their buying and selling needs.

EBay’s Tumblr account uses an innovative marketing tool by designing the account to appear as a magazine editorial titled ‘The Inside Source’. The account reads similar to a blog whilst prompting brand inspiration. The advertised products tend to be high end pieces selling on the online marketplace, although this is not always the case. The careful insertions of links to listings on eBay make the most of attracting customers to the site.

eBay has a reasonably wide following on its twitter account, 463,000 in the UK and over 800,000 followers in the states. Due to this the account has a more open content and takes the opportunity to showcase its rarer items on offer, inform about its charity endeavours and to share some editorials posted on their own site. There is not a an option for eBay support on this site but this can be easily found by going to the site direct or by calling the dedicated eBay help line.

In addition eBay also use Instagram to promote their online marketplace. This is done in a similar way to Tumblr but include the use of videos to create customer interest in certain listings, businesses and competitions featuring on the site.

Unlike other companies eBay do not use social media to provide another means for their customers to contact them, however they do advertise well the support the website offers buyers and sellers, their online chat feature and the eBay helpline which can be accessed during certain hours from Monday through to Sunday.