Easy Fixes for a Sky Box Stuck on Standby


A Sky box is required in order to watch television programming via your pay-TV subscription. In most cases, boxes work correctly, but problems are possible from time to time. A box that becomes stuck on standby is a common problem, and one that can almost always be fixed by following the steps below, or by contacting Sky customer services. Let’s look at several ways to deal with this problem.

There existing more than one type of box, so we’ll review the steps for each…

Standard Sky Box: The first thing to try is to check your remote control and the box itself. You will be looking to see if there is a green light on the front panel display. If the light is red, call the Sky contact number and ask for help. You can also try rebooting your box if it becomes stuck on standby. It may be necessary to download the Sky box software. Instructions for doing this are available on the Sky website.

Sky HD Box: The steps for troubleshooting this box are exactly the same as the steps for the standard box. Note that the software for the HD box may be different than that for the standard box. Contact Sky if you have tried the other possible solutions without any success and think that a software download and install are going to be necessary.

Sky+ Box: Again, the steps are similar. You will want to start with the remote and the box itself, ensuring that they are showing a green light and appear to be otherwise working properly. Before resetting the box through the front panel, Sky customer service asks that you download the Sky+ box software. Software for any of the devices is accessible through the device itself, with no additional equipment needed.

Sky+HD Box: The steps for this box are exactly the same as the Sky+ box. Complete instructions are posted within the help section of the company website. With this and all devices, if the basic troubleshooting steps do not help, it is likely to be necessary to book an engineer visit. Ring the Sky contact number and speak with an agent who can set up a home visit with a repair person on a day and time that is agreeable to you.

What are your options for watching Sky TV if your box is down and a home repair visit is needed? You can use Sky Go to watch for free through your home computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There are plenty of viewing options to choose from, and this option will prevent you from being completely without entertainment while you await the completion of repairs.