DVLA SORN Advice for Non Road-Worthy Vehicles

When people have vehicles that they are not currently driving and vehicles that are not fit to be driven, they should be sure to submit Statutory Off Road Notification forms. People who do not submit forms like this are going to receive taxation related to their vehicles regardless of whether they drive their cars on public roads or not, which can be a problem for the people with old cars they don’t drive or people who only drive on private land. Most people don’t want to pay these kinds of taxes on cars that they keep in their garages anyway, and submitting a Statutory Off Road Notification form to the DVLA can make all the difference.

The DVLA has a submission service online that will allow people to complete the Statutory Off Road Notification over the Internet. Drivers will need a sixteen-digit reference number on their vehicle tax renewal letters and an eleven-digit reference number on their log books in order to complete the Statutory Off Road Notification process online.

Of course, the online service is a BETA service, and the DVLA contact number will allow people to get the Statutory Off Road Notification process through the phone. People should have all of the necessary information related to their vehicles handy during this phone call. People will have to complete this phone call during DVLA business hours if they want the option of speaking with a live professional DVLA agent, or else they are going to have to rely on the automated phone service entirely. People should try to anticipate whether or not they are going to need the help of a DVLA live agent, which is one of the advantages of doing this sort of thing over the phone and not over the Internet in the first place.

Then again, plenty of people are just going to submit the Statutory Off Road Notification forms through the postal service instead, which is still a viable option. People need to submit a finished V890 form to DVLA for this step. They can download the DVLA form online, or contact the DVLA in order to get the form mailed to them in time. People who are going out of the country should try to be sure that they complete the form about two months in advance. Sending the application through the postal service does have its costs, and people are going to have to compensate for those costs themselves. They can send the forms that they need to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AR.

Some people are not going to be able to submit the Statutory Off Road Notification form through any venue other than the postal venue. People who are not registered as the vehicle owners need to use the post. People who are registered but who received the V5C registration certificate in the same month will need to use the postal service. People without a V5C form should complete the V62 form and submit that form with the Statutory Off Road Notification form. DVLA customer service is available for questions.