DVLA Reporting: Buying or Selling a Vehicle in the UK


The DVLA needs to know anytime a person has bought or sold a vehicle in the United Kingdom. People who are allowed to legally operate motor vehicles within the United Kingdom are still going to have to make sure the DVLA knows about their recent purchases or sales of motor vehicles for legal reasons. A car is not street legal unless the driver has the V5C vehicle registration certificate of the car. If people never receive their V5C vehicle registration certificates or the certificates are lost or stolen, drivers can apply for a replacement over the phone or by submitting a V62 form.

The latest registration certificate is going to have an 11 digit reference number, and that is what people are going to need in order to actually report that the car in question has been sold or purchased. People who are not able to send in this form are actually able to complete the form online, whether it is a necessity or a personal preference. Filling in the form is just a matter of answering the required questions or offering the information the form necessitates. Individuals who have substantially modified vehicles, built vehicles, or imported vehicles will also need to complete that registration form. The DVLA is able to answer questions that people might have related to whether or not they need to fill out one of these forms.

People will have their own personal preferences about how to submit these forms. Some people are going to want to submit them through the post after downloading and printing them. Submitting a form through the post is going to take longer than submitting a form online or by calling the DVLA telephone number, of course. However, some people like this process better, and it is ultimately going to be just as effective. Mailing the required forms through the post means sending them to this address: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BE.

If the DVLA does not respond to drivers who submitted the V62 form after a period of six weeks, then people should contact the DVLA. It is possible that they never received the form or that something else of that nature went wrong. Dealers will usually just go through with getting the vehicles registered for the people who have them. Some drivers might be taking care of this step, and it is important to make sure that the dealer knows that. In that case, drivers will need to make sure that they’re operating their cars and that their cars are legally registered.