DVLA: Replacing Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Destroyed Licenses


Few things are as frustrating a losing something as important as a driver’s license. In addition to the possibility of a license being lost, it could also be stolen, damaged, or completely destroyed. Whatever the reason behind needing a replacement, you will need to turn to DVLA for help. Replacing a license as soon as possible is highly advised, as a license is needed to serve as proof of your legal ability to operate a vehicle. The following tips help to explain the steps to applying for and receiving a new license.

DVLA does allow licensed drivers to request a replacement online. This can be done using your Government Gateway ID. If you currently do not have this ID, you will be provided one once you complete the replacement request. Note that if your license is stolen, you will need to make a report with the local authorities. The license may never be recovered, but it is best to protect yourself in the event that someone else uses your license to steal your identify and/or open accounts in your name.

In order to request a replacement, you will need to not be disqualified from driving for any reason. You will also need to have a valid UK passport or other acceptable form of identity. Contact DVLA is you would like to know what other forms of ID are accepted. Be prepared to provide addresses where you’ve lived for the past 3 years. Lastly, if you know them, provide you driving license number and National Insurance number. All of this information will be used to ensure that the DVLA is providing the replacement to the correct individual.

There is a cost of £20 for a replacement. Online, this can be paid by MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Maestro or Delta debit or credit card. If your photocard license is set to expire within 2 years and you have a UK passport, DVLA will use an electronic copy of your passport photo as the photo for your replacement license. If you do not have a passport, you will need to print a form and send it to the DVLA along with a new photograph that can be used for the replacement license.

The need to replace a license may be disheartening, but the DVLA does make the process relatively hassle-free. There are a few steps that will need to be completed, and a small fee that will need to be paid before you will be provided with a replacement. If you need help with requesting a replacement, contact DVLA. Agents can help you to submit the application for replacement and let you know if any additional information is needed from you.