DVLA Options: Replacing a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged License


DVLA contact is required if you need to replace a damaged, lost, or stolen driver’s licence. It is illegal to drive without an official drivers licence in your possession. It is also illegal if it is damaged and your photo or your signature is unrecognizable. If you think replacing this legal form of identification is a hassle, imagine getting pulled over or in an accident without having it with you. It does not pay to take chances. Learn the proper steps to report and replace your missing or damaged drivers licence.

File a Police Report: It may be necessary to file a police report if your licence is missing. If it has been stolen, the authorities will need to know. Even if you think you’re the one responsible, don’t take any chances. If someone is trying to use your ID, there are many potential negative outcomes to consider. Having already reported it missing with the police will provide some protection. Fraud protection is another consideration. Should you be pulled over for a driving infraction, it will be helpful to have the missing licence report on file.

Do Not Drive: Just because the police know that you are without a licence does not make it legal to drive without one. It is illegal to drive without your driver’s licence on you, even if you have submitted a report and called the DVLA contact number to request a new one.  If you get pulled over for any reason you could get a ticket, or worse – have your car towed and impounded until you can produce a proper identification and pay a fine. If you got in an accident, even if you are not at fault, driving without one may render you an uninsured driver.

Obtain a New Licence: There are a couple ways to obtain a replacement. Through DVLA contact, you can complete the process online. In some cases you can obtain a temporary licence that will allow you to drive legally until your replacement has arrived will be provided. There is a fee for replacement and this will need to be paid, even if the loss was not your fault. It takes up to but usually less than thirty days for your new replacement to arrive in the mail. Call the DVLA phone number to explore your options.

If your driver’s licence is lost, stolen, or damaged take steps to replace it immediately and file a police report. It might be a time consuming bother, but is not nearly as bothersome as some of the potential repercussions of not taking the proper steps. Call the DVLA contact number and start the process of requesting a replacement.