DLA: 0870 218 5131

Dial the DLA contact number to speak directly with someone in the DLA customer service centre. Advisers are able to provide answers to any benefits related question, including those regarding eligibility requirements, application submission, payments, changes in circumstances, and more. The DLA phone number can be called from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.

DLA Contact Number
0870 218 5131

When faced with a disability, some residents of the United Kingdom may be eligible to receive a Disability Living Allowance (DLA, for short). Depending on the severity of the disability, there are two rates at which the DLA is paid out in order to assist the individual with the costs associated with living with a disability. If you have questions about this type of financial assistance, calling the DLA contact number will allow you to connect with trained staff member who will help you navigate the process of determining your eligibility for disability assistance.

Disability Living Allowance Contact

The DLA phone line number if live and open to incoming calls from 8:00am to 6:00pm during the standard business week – Monday to Friday (with the exception of major holidays). For those with impaired speech or hearing, there is a textphone option that can be accessed when calling the contact number shown here. Those who are interested in reading about the benefit before placing a call can do that by visiting the UK government website (gov.uk). The mailing address for individuals who are age 16 or older is: Disability Living Allowance DLA65+, Mail Handling Site, Wolverhampton, WV98 2AH. Additional addresses are available on the government website.

DLA Eligibility Information

Typically, individuals under 65 are eligible to apply for this type of assistance, regardless of their employment situation. There are different rates at which the DLA is paid out ranging from £21.55 to £131.50 per week. Rates do fluctuate as they are reviewed and renewed, so always call the DLA number as shown here for updated information. Your specific situation will impact the benefit you are paid. Both level of care and mobility are taken into account when determining your allowance. One or both conditions (care and mobility) may play a role when your allocation is calculated. If you have questions about this, call the Disability Living Allowance number.

To be able to claim the DLA benefit the following conditions must be met:

You must be a resident of the UK. You need to be age 16 or younger to open a new claim (all others may be able to apply for PIP – Personal Independence Payments). Your mobility must be impaired, and you must be in need of care. Applicants will need to have been disabled for at least three months before applying. Lastly, your primary residence must meet certain requirements. Call the DLA helpline to ask what these are. As long as the conditions above are met, an employed individual may still be eligible for DLA.

Note that when calling the Disability Living Allowance contact number, the application process cannot be completed over the phone. All applications must be filed online or via mail. Forms are available through DLA contact by phone. Call the contact number seen here to request that an application be mailed to you. Applications must be returned to the address listed on the form once it is completed. Eligibility is determined based on the factors mentioned here, and all applicants will be notified of the final determination of approval for benefits.

Benefit Continuation Assessments

Those already receiving DLA support payments are subject to an assessment in order to determine future needs. This process will be clearly explained via a letter sent to you, which will include the assessment time and place. If you do not understand the instructions, call the DLA telephone number and ask for clarification. Always remember to take an official form of identification with you. Similarly, it is important to always advise the DLA of any change in your situation. This includes health deterioration or improvement, increased financial need, or a change of residence. Payments are not interrupted if an applicant enters the hospital for a short period of time, or if he or she goes on vacation for less than 13 weeks.

Applying for Others

It may be necessary for you to inquire about benefits on behalf of a relative or a loved one. Prior to calling the Disability Living Allowance phone number, make sure you have all relevant information and details about the individual in order to give the most accurate description of the need. The staff at the other end of the line will ask you to verify some information in order to preserve the integrity and security of the program, as well as the proper routing of benefit payments. Consider having this information on hand before calling the DLA contact number.

Missing Payments

If you find that an expected assistance payment was not transferred to your account, do not hesitate to call the DLA phone number as soon as you realize this. Missed allowance can severely impact your standard of living and taking prompt action may make all the difference. Be ready to answer questions about your identity and to verify your status. You may also need to provide information about the bank account that is linked for incoming payments. For help, call the Disability Living Allowance contact number as listed here.