Department of Work and Pensions: 0870 218 5285

Call the Department of Work and Pensions contact number for information from the Department of Work and Pension customer service team on moving away from collecting benefits and into finding work, receiving disability or care giver’s benefits, increasing savings for future financial security, procuring state pensions and retirement benefits, making arrangements for child support and calculating the amount of payments to the receiving parent. The Department of Work and Pensions phone number is live Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (except public holidays).

Department of Work and Pensions Contact Number
0870 218 5285

The Department of Work and Pensions is the government organisation that oversees pensions, welfare, and the child maintenance policy in the United Kingdom. The agency is responsible for analyzing the causes of poverty and running an effective welfare system that encourages and provides means for citizens to achieve financial independence while minimizing the incidence of fraud and error. Department of Work and Pensions customer services can help with continuation of benefits for welfare or disability for those who are physically unable or to ill to work, collecting benefits in regards to the welfare of a child, collecting state pension and retirement benefits, and collecting child support maintenance payments.