Child Tax Credits: 0870 280 0462

Use the Child Tax Credit contact number to speak to HMRC about claiming Child Tax Credits or to discuss an existing claim. The Child Tax Credits helpline is open between Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 9:00pm and on Saturday mornings between 8:00am and 4:00pm. If you cannot get through to the Child Tax Credits department it is advised to call the general HMRC contact number and ask to be put through.

Child Tax Credit Contact Number
0870 280 0462

Child Tax Credit is a special Government service for parents. Anyone with children is eligible to apply for this UK-based financial benefit. Household income is taken into consideration when calculating credits, but it is imperative for you to know that there is no set limit. This benefit is given to parents with at least one child, or those who have at least one young person within their care. Anyone interested in making a claim should call the Child Tax Credit number and request additional information.

Child Tax Credit Contact Number

Call the Child Tax Credit phone number to ask questions about benefits. Please understand that the phone lines may be busy when you call. Have the following on hand when you call: your National Insurance number, your income for the last tax year, and clear details of any childcare costs. This will help the adviser deal with your matter with ease.

HMRC uses an efficient automated response system to direct callers to the Child Tax Credit helpline. The automated response system was created to help direct callers to relevant information on the GOV.UK site, and give generic messages that could help answer inquiries from callers. The system was also created to send callers to a trained adviser. The system relies heavily on speech recognition. LITRG has a helpful guide that offers beneficial tips on using the system (please keep in mind the email options to notify changes of name/address are not presently relevant for tax credits).

The Child Tax Credit phone number can be used to:

  • File a complaint
  • Ask questions about a claim
  • Renew a claim
  • Receive a claim form
  • Ask questions about a claim
  • Get details about payments
  • Tell HMRC about a change in circumstances

Advisers from registered organizations are free to use the intermediary’s help line instead of the help line for a similar range of issues. You can get more information on this subject by way of Child Tax Credit contact.

Child Tax Credit Helpline for Qualifications and Reporting

In addition to household income, credit amounts are determined based on the total number of children in the claimant’s immediate family. Routine checks are made to see if any children are registered disabled. A basic family element is paid out every year, with extra elements added contingent on the claimant’s circumstances. Please call the Child Tax Credit helpline to request information regarding determining factors or to find out how much you may be eligible to receive.

Your income does not have an effect on the amount you can receive. There is no limit on the amount you can earn to apply to claim the benefit, nor that of a partner or spouse living in the household. If your home situation varies, your Child Tax Credit can be affected. You must make a notation of these changes immediately. These changes could be a child leaving your household, or changes in the total amount of income coming into your household. Call the Child Tax Credit contact number for clarification of your personal circumstances.

Here is a listing of personal circumstances that can affect your Child Tax Credit: Child leaves home, your child or partner dies, your living circumstances change e.g., you are sentenced to prison, you leave the UK permanently, you go abroad for eight weeks or more, you move in with a partner, you get a divorce, you don’t return to the workforce after a leave of absence, you are ill/in the hospital for more than 28 weeks. If you receive tax credits that you aren’t eligible for, you will be required to repay the money. You may also be fined. It is vital that you call the Child Tax Credit phone number report any change in circumstances as soon as possible.

What You Will Receive

You will receive up to 545 GBP annually, but your current circumstances can alter this amount at any time. For example, the amount can be changed if you are taking care of a child that is disabled. The total amount can also change if you have a low amount of income coming into your household. You may receive bonuses on top of this amount. These are known as “elements”. For a disabled child, these elements can go as high as 3015 GBP annually. The tax year ends on April 5, and you will be compensated from the first day you claim the Child Tax Credit up until this date into the bank account of the person responsible for the child.

If you are eligible to receive payments, the money will be deposited in your bank account weekly or every four weeks. Payment for the current tax year ends each April (this is when the tax year ends). You will be required to fill out an application each subsequent tax year. You are required to notify call the Child Tax Credit telephone number to report any change with your circumstances. If your circumstances change, your payment amount is likely to be adjusted.