CeX: 0845 345 1664

Dial the CeX contact number as shown here if you wish to speak with CeX customer service. Common reasons for CeX contact include asking questions about how to sell an item and questions regarding how to purchase an item. Delivery & tracking, returns, and complaints may also be submitted by calling the CeX phone number which is live Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

CeX Contact Number
0845 345 1664

Complete Entertainment Exchange (CeX) is one of UK’s leading electronic retail outlets, dealing in second-hand goods. With over 320 stores across the UK and a few more located in other countries, the company provides the ideal platform for sellers to sell their old electronic items in exchange for money, or to buy affordable electronic items. Previously known as Computer Exchange, the company current deals with computers, phones, gaming consoles and accessories, film & TV, DVD’s and music. The CeX contact number listed here can be used to connect with one of their customer service agents right away.

CeX Customer Service

You can contact CeX by phone, email, social media, and regular mail. Emails can be sent by filling out the forms found on their website. The company can also be reached via their email address: wecare@webuy.com or via their physical mailing address; CeX Ltd, Unit A, Greycaines House, 21 Greycaines Road, Watford, WD24 7GP. You are also welcome to visit their physical locations nationwide for a face-to-face interaction with one of their employees.

A customer has the option of choosing from six possible enquiry types.

They are:

  • Order cancellation or address change
  • Questions regarding online orders
  • Enquiry on prices and availability of stock
  • Enquiry on store purchases
  • Feedback and comments
  • Press or media enquiries

Simply select the option that best suits your needs.

If you have any questions regarding the services offered, your online order, terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to dial the CeX number shown here. The company also has a very detailed FAQ to help you with any queries you might have. Their website is easy to navigate and use. CeX is also present in social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Use the handle @CeX for sending messages to their Twitter account.

How to Sell Items

Selling your old electronic items is very easy. Below are a few steps to follow when shipping your product off to CeX.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is ensure that your product is clean. Please wipe down any dirt or dust to make the item clean, be it an old computer, phone, PC, etc.

Step 2: Look around for any spare parts that belong to the item you wish to sell. If the item came with extra cables or other parts, please include them before shipping the product off to CeX.

Step 3: Wipe your data. Most people forget to clean their memory. It is very simple. All you need to do is format your phone and restore factory settings. Go to settings and select the process that will wipe out all the data. Do this for any phone, computer, laptop, memory cards, PC’s, and HDD’s.

Step 4: Use the necessary materials to secure the package. Keep in mind that the shipping process might get rough. Wrap up your item using secure materials to protect the product during the shipping process.

Step 5: Now it is up to CeX customer service. Once they receive the product you shipped, their dedicated team then sets to work assessing the value of the item.

Step 6: Once the value is approved, the company will then processes the payment within a period of one week. CeX gives their clients a variety of payment options to choose from. They include: Faster Payment, PayPal, Cheque, and Voucher.

NOTE: Please double check your contact information. Ensure your address and phone number is correct. CeX is not responsible for misplaced funds due to incorrect information provided to them. Keep all your payment details as up-to-date as possible.

Tracking Buying and Selling

With CeX, the user is able to track the status of their bought or sold items. Simply log on to their website, select “My Account” and then click on the “Order Tracking” option. This option will avail you with all the information you need regarding your product. Generally, your bought items should arrive 14 days after you receive your invoice email. In case the item has not arrived within the allocated 14 days, call the CeX telephone number and speak with one of the customer care agents. Have your invoice email close by because the agent will need to verify the information.

Sometimes items get lost during shipment. In the unlikely events that this happens, the company will send you a replacement as soon as possible. If the item you had ordered is sold out, the company is prepared to refund you the money you had spent – this money is a reflection of the price you had initially bought the item for, not the current set price. Contact the CeX complaints department if you are having problems with requesting a refund.

Return and Cancellation Policy

CeX offers a 48-hour return policy for all items. The customer is required to contact CeX within 48 hours from the product’s arrival. The product has to be in the same condition it was after shipment. If the customer has used, broken, or tampered with the item, the company has the right to withhold the refund. Keep in mind that CeX is not liable for the costs incurred during the returning process. They also have the right to withhold refund if the returned item is not as it had been (in case there are parts missing, etc).

Once your order is confirmed, you have until it is dispatched to cancel it. To cancel a placed order, please call the CeX customer service number as soon as possible to relay your cancel request and provide your order number.