Can I Use My Device on the Three Network?


For those who own current, or even some dated devices, chances are that the Three network can be accessed via those devices. Making a change from one service provider to another does require a bit of effort on your part. However, the Three customer service team is available to help. Additionally, the tips listed below can help you to make a smooth transition from your current service provider over to the Three network.

It may be possible to get a new SIM card at little or no cost. The Three website features a handy guide that will tell you exactly which SIM card you need for your device. If there is no card for your device, or your current device does not support one of the listed SIM cards, then you will likely need to purchase a new device in order to connect to the network. Contact Three customer support for help if you have any questions about selecting a card for your device.

Both one and twelve month contracts are available. The one month contracts are lined to the prepaid version of the service. This type of service plan is paid for month-to-month, and you will need to pay for each month of service in advance. With no contract signed, you are free to change service providers at any time. Service rates are a bit lower when a 12-month contract is agreed to. Both plans offer the same access to the Three network.

SIM cards can be ordered online by filling out and submitting the provided form. A A Trio SIM is available, and this has all SIM types on one card, including standard, micro and nano-SIM. You simply select the one you need. Cards will work in any 3G or 4G phone that is currently unlocked. If you would rather not wait the 3 to 5 days for your SIM to arrive via post, one can be picked up at a store location. Pay As You Go SIMs cost £1 when picked up from a retail store, but this charge is subtracted from the first month of service payment.

If you would like to use Three as your service provider, but do not need a new device at this time, a SIM card will allow you to make the switch. SIM installation is easy, but if you need help with inserting the card into your device, contact Three. Once you have the card, changing over to accessing the Three network will take less than 10-minutes in most cases. Instructions are available online, and live help is available when you call Three and connect with an agent.