BT: 0870 280 0473

Call the BT contact number to speak with a member of the BT customer service team to discuss your new or existing phone, broadband or TV package. The BT phone number is open between the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday and between 9:00am and 6:00pm Saturdays and Sundays. The BT helpline gets busy after 5:00pm so try and speak to BT before then when you call.

BT Contact Number
0870 280 0473

BT is among the largest telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom. Currently, the company has its headquarters in London. BT is an extremely diverse company, supplying a large selection of tech-related products and services. The service lineup currently includes broadband internet, pay-TV and telephone. BT operates in 170 countries and employs more than 87,000 individuals, many of whom are BT customer services specialists. To speak with one of the many agents, use the BT contact information shown here.

BT Phone Number for Customer Service

The most effective way for new and current customers to contact BT is by way of the telephone. BT customer service agents are trained to handle all types of questions or problems. Tech help is available for those who need help with devices or equipment. The company website can be helpful as well, as the contact area provides lots of information about the products and services that the company now offers. Common questions and answers are available online, but if you cannot find the answers that you seek, call BT.

When you call the BT contact number, an agent can assist you with:

  • Broadband Service
  • BT Sport
  • Mobile Service
  • Television Service
  • Home Phone Service
  • Accounts and Payments
  • Billing and Subscriptions
  • Devices and Equipment
  • Complaints
  • Moving home
  • And More

If you prefer to seek BT support by email or social media, you do have those options available. If you wish to send a formal complaint, these can be sent via post to: BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street, London, EC1A 7AJ. Should you desire BT help on social media, you will find the company on each of the main social networks. Having said that, note that not all social media interactions are responded to. Calling the BT helpline should remain an option.

BT TV & Broadband Packages

All of the television service packages that are offered make use of broadband internet to deliver programming. For some packages, fibre broadband is a requirement. Call the BT telephone number that we have provided to check to see if fibre is currently being offered in your area. The current lineup of television service plans range from £0 to £16 per month. The more advanced plans require installation, which BT customer services can schedule for you. A set top box is provided, with each providing the ability to pause and rewind programs. A total of 80 to 130 channels are provided, depending on the package that is selected.

BT Broadband and Fibre Internet

Internet services start at £10 per month and top out at £30 per month. Ring the phone number for BT to learn about current specials and rates. Connection speeds ranging from 52Mb to 76Mb are available. Also available are service plans with or without monthly usage limits. Cloud storage of 5 to 500GB is included, dependent upon the service plan that is chosen. There is a line rental cost of £17.99 for all of the available plans. If you need assistance with choosing a plan that will meet your needs, call the BT helpline number and speak with a customer service agent.

BT Home and Mobile Phone Service

Landline home phone service is available with the only fixed cost being a line rental fee. To find out about the per-minute call costs, call the contact number for BT enquiries. There are several different mobile phone plans to choose from, with each including access to WiFi. It is possible to keep your existing phone and phone number when signing up for new service. Ring the BT customer services number if you would like to order a SIM card for your existing device. To purchase a new device, or check on the status of a shipped order, the BT number that we have provided can be used to call for help.

BT Complaints and Problem Reporting

It is possible to use the BT website to see service updates in your area or track faults. Simply enter your BT phone number in the provided box on the contact page. If the problem is with your particular device or service, phone the BT customer service number to submit a problem report. There is a dedicated complaints page on the company website for complaint submission. However, if you simply wish to solve a problem, contacting BT customer services is like to be the most suitable option. There is an online community for peer-to-peer problem solving, but if you prefer not to spend time posting questions and waiting for answers, BT contact by phone is rec commended.