British Embassy: 0870 218 1509

Call the British Embassy contact number if you find that you have questions or need help before or while traveling abroad. British Embassy customer service assistance may be offered on a one off basis, or actually be provided until all issues have been resolved. The British Embassy phone number is a 24-hour line for support.

British Embassy Contact Number
0870 218 1509

A British Embassy can be found in every country that Great Britain and Northern Ireland maintains full diplomatic relations with. Every one has it’s own staff whose main role is to enhance good relations between the country they are based in and Great Britain. However like all other embassies, British ones are there to help any British national in that country who needs help or advice. If needs be it can provide financial or legal assistance, or arrange for help if people cannot sort things out for themselves. Any British resident traveling abroad that finds themselves in difficulty should dial the British Embassy telephone number as shown here.

British Embassy: 0870 280 6995

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6995
Make A Complaint020 7499 9000
International Number+44 207 499 9000