British Airways: 0870 280 7795

Call the British Airways contact number to speak with a member of the British Airways customer service to enquire about booking a new flight, gather information about an already booked flight or to make a complaint/refund request. The British Airways phone number is open between the hours of 6:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week however some emergency situations can be dealt with out of hours.

British Airways Contact Number
0870 280 7795

British Airways is among the largest and most established airlines in the UK. Their planes fly all across the UK and around the world, including to the USA and the United Arab Emirates. BA has set a record for itself, thanks to the large fleet of aircraft that this company owns. Statistically speaking, the company is responsible for flying some 40 million passengers to over 150 destinations annually. British Airways customer service can be contacted for the vast majority of each day, and is prepared to answer questions and deal with issues that arise for travelers.

BA Customer Service

For those who want to book a flight to a holiday destination or for purposes of business travel, it’s advisable that they ring British Airways contact number to request more information. Also, for other inquiries related to services, there are alternate contact methods available, such as social media, email, and regular post. Mail can be sent to: Customer Relations (S506), PO Box 5619, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2PG. With each contact method, customers can expect a different response time. Emails are typically responded to within a week, while standard post is usually responded to within ten business days, leaving British Airways contact by phone the fastest contact method.

Contact British Airways if you need help with:

  • Booking flights
  • Flights that have been canceled or delayed
  • Complaints
  • Holiday bookings
  • Last minute bookings
  • Billing and payments
  • Requesting for changing date or time of flight
  • Executive club inquires

Via BA contact by phone, you will be directed to the customer service department in order to speak to one of their staff members. Once connected, you will have the opportunity to discuss everything ranging from ticketing to flight statuses. British Airways complaints are also accepted over the telephone. The standard customer service hours are between 6:00am and 8:00pm each day of the week. However, emergency situations may be dealt with outside of these hours.

For customers who want general information about their British Airways account, flight statuses, holiday inquiries and so on, this information can be found on the official website of BA. The website has FAQ section where you can search all answers to your questions. If not, you can save time by directly searching your question on the website’s FAQ search bar. This usually returns several results that are related to your question. But in case you can’t find what you’re looking for, then you’re advised to contact British Airways by phone.

BA Contact for General Information

If you prefer dealing with a real person when booking a flight, asking for prices or hotel and car rental services, you can directly call the British Airways telephone number to speak to one of their agents. If you want to purchase an extra seat or change your booking details, travel date, time, or baggage allotment, British Airways customer service can help. BA runs an exclusive reservation department that deals with queries related to availability of flights and prices, bookings, changes or cancellation of flights and reservations, open returns, upgrades and inquiries, hotel and car hire fee cancellation, as well as business and Executive club travel arrangements.

British Airways contact may also be required for:

  • Making flight arrangements for children. The British Airways phone number can be used to ask questions about the Child Flyer programme. This programme is designed to assist children who will be flying alone.
  • Correcting ticket errors. Remember, if you’re going to an international destination and you notice that the name in your ticket was misspelled in relation to that in your passport; call this department to ask for correction.
  • Reporting and recovering lost luggage. In the unfortunate event that your luggage is damaged or went missing, you can contact British Airways on their main line if you traveled within the UK. If you traveled out of the UK, request to speak to the nearest BA customer service department.

– Securing special travel arrangements. Passengers with a disability, those with special dieting needs, or those who are traveling with pets can also contact the British Airways telephone number for help.

BA Contact for All-Inclusive Travel

If you’re taking advantage of BA’s all-inclusive vacation packages, then you can use their 24-hour contact number to report any emergencies or problems that you encounter during travel. You will be provided with the British Airways contact number for the International office closest to where you are traveling to. This contact number is often indicated on your ticket, but if not, BA customer service can provide you with the correct information.