Black Horse Finance: 0870 218 3682

Dial the Black Horse Finance contact number to speak with a Black Horse Finance customer service agent. Support is available for customers who need to increase the amount they have borrowed, or wish to change how much they are repaying on their loans or mortgages. The company should also be contacted if people wish to repay their loans early, or if they are having problems in meeting the minimum repayment amounts. The Black Horse Finance phone number can be called Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm and Saturday from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Black Horse Finance Contact Number
0870 218 3682

Black Horse Finance is a financial company that is part of the Lloyds Banking Group. It derives its name from the Black Horse that Lloyds Bank has used for a trademark for many decades. Black Horse Finance offers loans and mortgages to individuals and businesses. New customers should contact this company if they need information regarding the taking out of business and personal bank accounts, loans, or mortgages. New customers could ask for information about how accounts can be opened or loans lent to them. Existing customers should contact the company if they need help with any aspects of their accounts, or their loans.

Black Horse Finance: 0870 280 6726

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6726
Collections Centre0800 151 2454
Financial Ombudsman Service0800 023 4 567
Compliance Manager0207 836 6511
Make A Complaint0344 824 8888
International Number+44 344 824 8888

Customer Service

The easiest way to get in touch is to use the Black Horse Finance contact number. The helpline is exclusively for customers and it is the fastest way to chat with a representative. The Black Horse Finance contact number for general enquiries is available to new and existing customers. They can call this helpline to discuss possible financing options. It is open from 8.30am to 6pm weekdays and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. Of course there is also the option to visit a local dealership or to write to the home office at the following address: St William House, Cardiff, CF10 5BH.

Products & Services

Black Horse Finance connects automotive dealers with customers who want to make financing their purchases easier and simpler. It offers flexible loans for motorcycles, motor-homes, and cars. The dealer led financing system provides access to a huge network of new and used vehicles, as well as tailoring loans to suit individual needs and circumstances. Customers can stay up to date with the progress of loan proceedings and make payments, via the easy to use website. This highly secure platform holds all of the information that they need to manage their purchase. Accessing the website allows customers to submit scheduled payments, check balances, update bank and contact details, request settlement fees, and more.

Finance Options

Customers can also call the Black Horse Finance phone number for details on the various different loan options. The two main agreements are Hire Purchase and Lease Purchase. With a lease purchase, customers pay for their chosen car, motorcycle, or motor-home with a lump sum loan to the dealer. This loan is then paid off, over an agreed period, in monthly installments. The customer has full control over the length of the payment schedule and the size of the monthly premiums. There are no hidden costs and, once settled, the monthly figure cannot be increased by Black Horse Finance. This gives people the freedom to budget with confidence and enjoy great automotive deals.

Account Management

Customers can easily review, update, or make changes to their account via the Black Horse Finance website. They may also call the dedicated customer helpline. This is the fastest and easiest way to solve problems with an account or payment terms. It is possible to make payments over the phone by calling the Customer Services Department. To do this, a VISA debit or MasterCard is required. Payments can only be processed if a unique customer number or agreement reference is provided also. The Black Horse Finance customer service department handles requests to change payment schedules. It is the simplest way to ask for a settlement figure or a full account statement. The helpline representatives are able to make updates to contact and account details, based on information given over the phone.

Problems & Complaints

For customers experiencing difficulty with any of the Black Horse Finance terms and products, the customer helpline is a great resource. If the issue is specifically with payments (i.e. not being able to meet a monthly payment date), the Collections Contact Centre is a better source of information and advice. The Black Horse Finance phone number for the Collections Contact Centre is open 8.30am to 7pm on weekdays and 91.00pm on Saturdays. The standard Customer Service helpline deals with complaints regarding the quality and efficiency of the service. Or alternatively, customers can write to Black Horse Finance at the following address: Customer Complaints, 1st Floor, St William House, Cardiff, CF10 5BH.