Barclaycard: 0870 280 7770

Use the Barclaycard contact number to speak to a member of the Barclaycard customer service team to discuss your currently Barclaycard account or if you would like to apply for a Barclaycard. The Barclaycard phone number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customer support queries. For new customers, the Barclaycard helpline is open between 8:00am to 11:00pm Monday to Sundays.

Barclaycard Contact Number
0870 280 7770

In 1962 the Diner’s Club credit card became the most popular and most successful credit card in Britain. Taking note of this, Barclay’s retail and business banking division decided to follow suit and offer their own credit card. Barclay’s issued its first credit card in 1966 and through the years the Barclaycard has rapidly grown in popularity. Today Barclay’s is the #1 credit card issuer in the UK with 10.4 million cards issued and another 10.8 million issued in other areas of the world. For each of these card holders, Barclaycard contact is an option via several contact methods.

Barclaycard Customer Service

Barclaycard provides telephone customer service which has been highly praised for its efficiency, convenience, and ease of use. The Barclaycard contact number offers automated service options as well as access to live customer service representatives. Support services are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone applications for a Barclaycard, however, are accepted over the phone and processed Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 p.m. Applications can also be submitted online at any time, and often, an instantaneous approval decision will be provided.

Barclaycard also offers online correspondence options. Visit the Barclaycard website for email and live chat options. Live chat sessions are conducted by customer advisors and are suitable for simple and fast responses via instant messaging. It is also possible to contact Barclaycard via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Just remember that certain information does not belong in public areas online. Opt for more secure contact methods when discussing private information.

Barclaycard Products

Barclaycard’s interest rates and payment plans are similar to those of other credit card issuers such as financial companies RBS and Lloyd’s. For current interest rate information, call the Barclaycard phone number. The company offers unique promotional specials and marketing practices which are very popular among and beneficial to its customers. Barclay’s has created and maintained this status by becoming the #1 provider of 0% balance transfers. This practice has won over many customers who prefer their business practices and customer benefits to those of Barclay’s competitors.

One such customer favorite is the Barclaycard Freedom Rewards Program. This program allows customers to earn rewards points with each qualifying purchase. These points can then be redeemed with brands such as Laura Ashley, Debenhams, and Argos. For purchases made at UK supermarkets, London Transports, and petrol stations, double Freedom Rewards points are earned. For purchases made from select Barclay’s partners or purchases made from the Freedom Rewards store, triple rewards points are earned. Rewards points may be redeemed at more than 70 partner merchants. Barclaycard customer services can provide information and assistance with their points programme.

Bill Payments

Bill payments can be as fast and convenient as you wish them to be, as there are several options provided. Payments can be submitted by calling the Barclaycard number shown here, by stopping into any Barclay’s local branch with the bill information for a one-time payment, or by setting up direct debit payments. All electronic transactions are processed using the most up-to-date security measures to ensure the safety of the transaction and all personal information involved.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Should your Barclaycard become lost, stolen, or if you suspect fraudulent activity using your card information, call the Barclaycard telephone number immediately. The fraud protection team monitors card use for unusual activity and will contact the cardholder right away should suspicious activity be detected, but it is also imperative that you review each of your monthly statements and submit a report for any unauthorized activity right away.

When travelling abroad it is a good idea to call Barclaycard to inform them of your destination(s) and travel dates so that they will be aware that your card may be used in new locations. This will prevent them from flagging any unusual activity on your card as suspicious. Also, when traveling, take extra care to protect your card. Double-check frequently to make certain that it is in your possession and that you know it’s exact location. The majority of thefts of credit cards or card information occur during vacations or out-of-town trips.

Barclay’s is known for putting the best interests of their customers first. The various perks and rewards that are offered are some of the ways Barclay’s strives to remain in the #1 position that they have worked so hard to acquire. Those who have questions or run into problems are asked to call the Barclaycard helpline and speak with a customer service agent as soon as possible.