Applying for Personalised Plates from the DVLA


If you would like to order special plates for your vehicle, the DVLA is the place to turn. For those who reside in the UK, personalised plates are an option that is available. These are not automatically issued, which means that you will need to submit a special request to order them. There are also other considerations to consider, such as price, along with a few rules which must be followed in order to have your request for a special plate fulfilled.

It should be noted that there are limits as to what personalised plates can say, or more accurately, spell out. You will not be able to order plates that spell out anything that is considered foul or vulgar. Other limits may also apply. If your order does contains words that are not allowed, the order will be rejected and you will be notified. It is also not possible to have the exact same plate as another driver. Again, you will be notified if your selection has already been chosen by someone else.

There will be an additional cost associated with ordering special plates, and they will cost more than standard plates. You can use the DVLA contact number at any time to ask about the additional costs over the phone. Current pricing information can also be found on the DVLA website. Also found on the website are all of the policies and rules surrounding special orders, where to display your plate, and information about renewals and moving plates from one vehicle to another.

Since all personalised plates must be ordered, there will be a wait time to receive yours. Orders can be placed online, but there are other ways to get these special identifiers for your vehicle. One option is to purchase them from a dealer or by way of a private sale. Another is to participate in DVLA auctions. These auctions are held about 6 times each year, with reserve prices starting from £130. A complete list of the available numbers for each auction is provided online. There are several options for placing bids, including in person, via phone, via post, and online.

Some extra effort is required if you would like to secure a personalised plate from the DVLA for your vehicle. However, for those who really want them, the extra effort and expense is worth it. There are a few rules which must be followed with regards to registration numbers, but these are quite reasonable. If you have questions about the rules, costs, or processes, contact the DVLA via email or phone.