Apple Watch: What are the Top Features?


The Apple Watch is still a relatively new product, and many have yet to make a decision regarding whether or not they wish to invest in this new technology. The purpose of this post is not to sell the watch to you, but to simply point out the top features so that readers can decide whether or not the device is something that they can or cannot live without. If you already own one and need help, or need more information that what is provided here, we recommend that you contact Apple support.

Let’s first discuss notifications. When wearing the watch, you will receive them instantly. The Apple Watch provides a “gentle tap” each time an app alert is received, or someone you know is trying to connect with you. Most people have their smartphone with them at all times, but the watch will provide more instantaneous alerts. You won’t be setting it down and walking away, and of course, the odds of losing it or having it stolen are reduced (at least while you are wearing the device).

For those who are active, or plan to be, the Apple Watch provides several options for fitness tracking. Throughout each day, the device can measure your workouts, keep up with any activity that you participate in, and even push you in the right direction by providing encouragement to move more. Obviously, if you are not health-conscious, these features will be of little use to you. For those who are, the watch could replace a number of devices that you may already be using to keep track of your fitness and activity levels.

Personalisation is certainly possible. This includes both personalisation of the device software and the aesthetics. There are several watch bands to choose from, including some from brand names such as Hermes. There are also various watch faces to choose from. As for the system itself, there are hundreds of ways to make the watch perform just as you want it to. If you need help with making changes to any of the settings, Apple help is available for an extensive period of time for all who purchase the device in brand new condition or in refurbished condition from an authorized reseller.

For those who do decide to purchase the Apple Watch, there are several buying options. The device can be purchased online and shipped to you, or purchased online and picked up at a local Apple store (call Apple customer service if you need location information). It is possible to shop and purchase directly from a store, but the variety will of course be larger online. For some qualified buyers, financing is an option for paying for the device over a period of time. Call the Apple helpline to learn more about the various options for financing.