AOL: 0870 218 1580

Dial the AOL contact number to be connected to the AOL customer service department. Representatives are available to provide assistance with accounts, passwords, services, troubleshooting, security, and more. The AOL phone number is open for incoming calls seven days a week between the hours of 8am to midnight.

AOL Contact Number
0870 218 1580

During the 1990’s, AOL was the primary service for most people who wished to connect to the internet. The service at that time allowed for connection through a dial-up service and was offered at a very reasonable price. People loved the service because of its ease of use, but as competition entered the market and technology changed, the company would be forced to adapt. Today, AOL remains one of the top internet services online, offering a wide range of services to their customers. As such, the AOL contact number is continually being sought out by internet users.

AOL: 0870 280 0495

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 0495
Make A Complaint020 8617 5744
International Number+44 208 617 5744

AOL Customer Services

The AOL telephone number for support is active between the hours of 8am and midnight. On Saturday, support is offered from 8am to 10pm. TTY service is available for those who are hard of hearing. Email is also an option by way of the provided online contact form. Once this form is completed and submitted, you can expect a response in 24 to 72 hours. Live chat is an option, but only for those who use the paid version of the service. Customer services members do respond to messages that are sent in via Facebook and Twitter. Similar to email, it can take some time to receive a response when this contact method is selected.

AOL Services

Today, AOL provides a wide variety of services to consider. Some of their top services include AOL Mail and desktop features. Their mail service is still one of the most reliable email services online. The mail service is now offered for free. Users can download the mail app to their mobile device and check email from virtually anywhere. Basic AOL help is available for the mail service to those who have a free account, with more in-depth support being provided to those who pay for the service monthly.

Most people on the Internet realize that virus attacks are very common. AOL provides a free and fast virus scan to their users. After a scan is completed, they provide a detailed report about the results. AOL also provides top grade anti-spyware service to capture and remove any spyware that your software might have missed. They also provide features such as calendars, texting, and message service. If you have questions for anything concerning these features, contact AOL. They offer customer support in one or more forms at all times.

Account Management

Feel free to ring the AOL contact number shown here if you need help with managing your account. You may need help with things such as your username, password, security question, unauthorized account use, and more. AOL customer service can help with cancellation or reactivation of your account, and can answer billing questions for those who use the paid version of the service.

AIM Instant Messaging Service

Anyone who signs up for an account (free or paid) is able to use the AIM instant messaging service. The instant messenger is not as popular as it once was, but many do still consider it a viable option for chatting with others online. The newest version, AIM 8 must be downloaded in order to be used. Downloads are available for both PC and Mac. If you need help with setting up AIM, or have questions about using the chat service, ring the AOL helpline. We have provided a contact number that can be used to directly connect with one of the company’s many support agents.

AOL Calendar

AOL provides a calendar feature to keep you up to date on all your appointments. Users of the service can add appointments or holidays to their personal calendar. It is even possible to print the calendar for future reference. There is a special feature to customize folders. Simply click the feature on the left side and provide a new name for the folder. Other important features include the ability to save important mail by clicking save button at the top of the menu or moving the mail to a specific folder. Calendar troubleshooting is offered online, but AOL contact is advised if you are experiencing ongoing issues with the calendar functions.

Reporting Problems

Call the AOL phone number if you have a question or concern about your service. For example, you are having trouble connecting with the service, certain features are not working, or you are experiencing other issues. The support staff can also help with certain security matters that are directly related to the service. If you are receiving harassing or phishing emails, these can be reported to AOL. If you have been locked out of your account, or your account has been hacked, contact AOL UK.