Anglian Water: 0870 218 5152

Call the Anglian Water contact number to speak with a member of the Anglian Water customer service team. Agents are on hand to provide answers to any questions that you may have about your account, can assist with water problems and emergencies, can help with service transfers when moving home, and more. The Anglian Water phone number for general enquiries is open from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. Emergencies can be reported 24/7. 

Anglian Water Contact Number
0870 218 5152

Anglian Water Services Ltd was incorporated in 1973 to supply water and sewerage services to residents in the East of England. The company services over 4.3 million customers who include domestic and corporate clients. Water and sewerage system consists of a piped network estimated to be 112,833 km for both water and sewer systems. By way of the Anglian Water contact number, customers are able to contact the company to order service, request rate information, report problems, and more.

Anglian Water: 0870 280 6551

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6551
Make A Complaint0345 791 9155
International Number+44 345 791 9155

Anglian Water Customer Service

The company maintains a 24/7 customer service desk for emergencies. For enquiries related to billing and other such matters, customers should call the Anglian Water phone number between the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am to 1pm on Saturday. If you would like to send an email to the company instead, it will be necessary to use the provided online form that is found on their website. The company can also be contacted on each of the major social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. By post, Anglian Water contact can be sent to: PO Box 10642, Harlow, CM20 9HA.

Water Services

One of the primary services offers from Anglian Water is the provision of clean and safe to use water. The company harvests water from natural sources, stores and treats the water before distributing to the consumers. Waste disposal through a safe and closed piping system is also available for the residents of the areas served by the company. Anglian Water contact is advised for those who need information regarding service areas. The company ensures the system is safe and always operational without posing any risk to the consumers and the environment at large. This is accomplished through continual monitoring and testing.

For better water management, the company trains and advises consumers on safe ways to reduce water wastage. Training and provision of equipment to use for water recycling is a service provided by the company to reduce wastage and overall cost of water. Water leakages and burst pipes are not only a risk to health but also a major cause for losses. The company has a service team that monitors and offer repair services when the need arises. They undertake regular checks on the system to ensure any problem is identified early enough to rid of possible losses. Customers are free to call the Anglian Water phone number to report these types of problems.

Service Rates

The company offers different charges for services to both domestic and corporate clients. Anglian Water customer services can provide tariff information for both types of customer. Charges vary between regions in accordance with regulatory standards through which charges are reviewed each financial year. The cost for water supply within the covered area for wholesale and third party re-sellers ranges from £207.50 to £1,138.46 depending on the package chosen. Other service charges include £179.34 for foul water drainage, £32.00 surface water drainage and £29.00 for highway drainage.

Domestic customers within the region are required to pay between £232.53 and £1,163.49; this is depending on the supply package chosen. Charges for other services include £201.34 for foul water drainage, £35.00 service water drainage, and £32.00 highway drainage. As rates are subject to change, those who are considering ordering new service are encouraged to ring the Anglian Water number listed here to request up-to-date rate information.

Water is one of the basic requirements for better living. It is for this reason that Anglian Water is dedicated to ensuring residents in the East of England get safe and clean water supply at all times alongside other services. The company has in place infrastructure that enables fast and easy contact to ensure the smooth running of the services available. For more information regarding the services that this company provides, contact Anglian Water today.

Account Management

For the better provision of available services from Anglian Water, the consumer is required to register with the company. On this platform, the client provides personal information alongside the range of services required. It is with this information that a quote is prepared and upon making the required payments that services are provided. It is also important to register for e-billing system through which the client receives bills automatically at the end of every consumption period as set by the company. Payments can be submitted online or by calling the Anglian Water telephone number. This contact number can also be used to ask billing questions or to request assistance with managing your online account.