Amazon: 0870 280 2518

Call the Amazon contact number to speak directly with the Amazon customer service team about your Amazon order or your Amazon subscriptions. The Amazon customer service number is open between the hours of 6am and 12am  Monday to Sunday (7 days a week). The Amazon phone number gets busy in the evenings so try and call Amazon before then.

Amazon Contact Number
0870 280 2518

Useful Amazon Contact Numbers:

HelplineContact Number
Amazon Customer Services0800 496 1081
Instant Video0800 496 1369
Love Film0800 496 1369
Kindle Support020 7084 7911
Amazon Mastercard0800 389 6677
Head Office020 8636 9200

Amazon Customer Service Opening Times:

Monday to Friday6:00am-12:00am

Contact Amazon By Post:

Amazon Customer Service Address:
Amazon Customer Services
1-9 The Grove
Amazon Corporate Office Address: Ltd
60 Holborn Viaduct

Amazon ( started out as an online bookstore, and while they still sell books, the site now offers products in nearly every category imaginable. Products are made available for purchase from, as well as from any of the marketplace vendors that sell items Amazon. The company does offer several of its own branded products, such as the Kindle tablet and Fire tablet, TV, and phone. In addition to its U.S. website, Amazon also offers separate retail websites for 14 other countries, including the United Kingdom, China, Japan, France, Ireland, Australia, and more.

The Amazon contact number on 0800 496 1081 can be used to reach the Amazon customer service department. Amazon is well-known for offering excellent support to its customers, which includes answering questions about products, providing help with tracking shipments, assisting with the returns and refund process, and more. In the United Kingdom, the customer service center is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Globally, there are over twenty-five different customer service centers in operation today. Amazon help is available around the clock, so there truly is never a bad time to reach out for assistance when it is needed.

Among the most popular reasons behind using the Amazon contact number is to ask questions about the shipment and delivery of orders. There are a total of 8 distribution centers in operation throughout England, Scotland, and Wales at this time. Tracking information is provided for all items purchased and shipped by Amazon, or purchased from a marketplace seller and shipped via Amazon fulfillment. Even so, the shipment and delivery process does not always go according to plan, and when it does not, it is best to contact Amazon customer services to report the problem. When necessary, refunds can be processed and lost shipments can be replaced.

History of Amazon

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. The company was incorporated in Washington, U.S. in the same year. Originally named “Cadabra”, the name was changed to Amazon prior to the website going online in 1995. The company started out selling books, and was successful at doing so. Amazon would become a nearly instant success, earning $20K per week within the first two months of opening its virtual doors. Amazon’s global headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, and encompasses 14 buildings. A new headquarters building is in the works, also located in Seattle.

Between the years of 1998 and 2004, Amazon would start to expand its product line and offer incentives to purchase, such as free shipping on purchases that met spending requirements. Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping in exchange for a flat, yearly fee was introduced in 2005. Several cloud computing initiatives would enter the Amazon lineup in 2006. Highlights of 2007 included the launch of Amazon Music and launch of the first Kindle. With a selling price of US$399, the Kindle was an instant hit. The device sold out in just over five hours after hitting the market and continued to be out of stock until spring of 2008.

2011 was an import year for Amazon, as the company introduced Amazon Video, the Amazon Appstore, and Amazon Locker, which allowed purchases made on the site to be picked up locally from a locker location. The Kindle Fire was also introduced in 2011, with the Kindle Fire HD series following in 2012. The Amazon Fire would hit the market in 2014. More recently, Amazon opened its very first physical store location in Seattle. “Amazon Books” operates as a bookstore, offering prices that match those on the website and online review information integrated on store shelves. By 2015, Amazon had overtaken Walmart as the most valuable U.S. retailer.

How to Contact Amazon

You can use the main Amazon contact number on 0800 496 1081 to get straight through to Amazon customer service. There are no limits as to what one can get assistance with when speaking with the Amazon customer service department. Help is available at all hours via phone, email, and on social media. Some tasks can be handled or at least started from within the “Your Account” section of the website. This area can be accessed after logging into your account. Personal information and preferences can be updated in their area or by speaking with Amazon customer service.

The following are the most common reasons to call the Amazon helpline:

  • Product Questions
  • Service Questions
  • Account Help
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Help with 3rd Party Sellers
  • Item Returns
  • Gift Card Questions
  • Purchase or Cancel Amazon Prime
  • Managing Digital Downloads
  • Technical Support
  • Marketplace Selling Support
  • Fraud Reporting
  • And More

For those who would need Amazon help, email is an alternate contact option. Contact can be initiated after logging in and proceeding to the Message Center. In this area, account holders will be able to view an inbox of incoming messages from Amazon, as well as sent messages that have been sent to the support or other departments. Messages are sorted by category, making it easy to know what each line of communication is regarding. Email communication may also take place outside of the website, using your personal email account(s).

Social media contact is an option as well, and the company can be found on major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Social network contact is not a suitable option for asking questions related to personal account information. These matters are best handled by calling the Amazon contact number on 0800 496 1081 and speaking directly with Amazon customer services. Social media can be a good option for asking questions about products and services that are offered on It can also be a good outlet for providing honest feedback about purchased products.

Shopping on Amazon

There are many different product categories to choose from when shopping on Amazon. While the company still places plenty of focus on book sales, customers can now purchase a wide variety of items such as electronics, clothing, décor, collectibles, and much more. These are available from Amazon and Marketplace sellers who list their items for sale on Amazon. Amazon Pantry is another option for shoppers who are interested in purchasing grocery and home good items without having to leave home.

The most popular categories include:

  • Books & Audible
  • Movies, Music & Games
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Home, Garden & Tools
  • Beauty, Health & Grocery
  • Toys, Kids & Baby
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Automotive & Industrial

If you have questions about any of the products that are available for purchase on the site, call Amazon on 0870 280 2518. Although the company does an excellent job of providing detailed product descriptions, this does not guarantee that all of the information needed to make an educated purchase will be available. Support agents are often able to provide answers to specific product questions, and can also explain the returns process should the item need to be returned. For help with third-party sellers, it may be necessary to first contact the seller and then if they do not respond, pick up the phone and call the Amazon contact number.

Many consumers are interested in learning how to access the best deals on Amazon. With literally thousands upon thousands of products to choose from, this is a good question. Amazon provides many of their best sale prices by way of the “Today’s Deals” link found on the homepage and other pages as well. Account holders will find that the homepage changes each day to show recommended products based upon past purchases. Often, these items are “Gold Box Deals” which are discounter. Prime members are often provided access to special sales that are announced via email. Major sales, such as those on Black Friday, Boxing Day, and Cyber Monday are widely advertised.

Amazon Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers

The Marketplace offers sellers the opportunity to market their items to thousands upon thousands of Amazon customers. If you are interested in selling your own items on the site, call 0870 280 2518 and speak with an agent who can provide details on how to list items, what the cost associated with selling is, and to learn how to get started. The benefits of selling on Amazon are obvious, but it is important for sellers to understand the costs associated with doing so. An Amazon customer services team member can explain the service options and help you to select the type of account that is best for you.

For buyers, the Marketplace offers the chance to access more products and often, be able to purchase them at great discounts. Competition among sellers helps to drive prices down and when this is the case, the consumer is the one who benefits. In some cases, Amazon fulfills and ships the orders for sellers, while other times the seller does their own shipping. “Amazon Fulfillment” will be noted when Amazon does the shipping. Contact Amazon if you have issues with an item that has been purchased from the Marketplace. It may also be necessary to contact the individual seller in order to resolve problems with purchases, shipping, and returns. Regardless of who is providing the shipping, there will be an option to contact the seller via the website.

Amazon Product Returns & Exchanges

To encourage more people to shop online, Amazon provides a solid return policy that is good on most items Amazon. Return labels can be printed directly from the Amazon website, with each providing a tracking number so that the shopper can monitor the progress of the return and pending refund. It is important to only use the label provided in order to ensure proper credit for the return. Return shipping is free on eligible products. Full refunds are one option, with another being a product exchange. In the case of missing parts or accessories, call Amazon customer services at 0870 280 2518 to make a request that the missing item(s) be sent to you.

In most cases, items must be returned within 30-days to qualify for a refund. Partial refunds and restocking fees are a possibility. For example, items returned in their original condition after the return window has closed only qualify for a refund of 80% of the item price. For opened media items such as compact discs, movies, and video games, the refund rate is 50% of the item price. Open software does not qualify for any refund unless there has been some error on the part of Amazon. Dial the Amazon helpline number above to request specific return details about the terms and conditions of returning items past deadlines or in opened (not new) condition.

Amazon Shipping Options and Pricing

Purchases that total over a certain amount will qualify for free shipping. Amazon Prime subscribers are also provided with free shipping on most orders, regardless of the amount of money being spent. Shipping upgrades are often available to those who wish to receive their purchase in as little as one day. Shipping rates and times are posted on the site, with the available shipment options being shown at the time of checkout. Often, there are several shipping options to choose from, with pricing sorted from lowest to highest. Should you have any questions about the available options, call Amazon phone number 0870 280 2518 and ask a representative to clarify the options.

Although Amazon has websites for many different countries, international shipping may still be needed at times. Again, the costs associated with shipping are presented during the checkout process, before the purchase is paid for. General shipping policies and restrictions are posted on Some items, such as those which may not meet customs rules, may not qualify for international shipment. For information on the cost and processes of ordering large or bulky items, reach out to Amazon customer services. Delivery for these items may need to be scheduled, and a representative can help you with arranging a suitable date and time for delivery.

Amazon Prime Contact Number

Amazon Prime is a service that is completely optional, but does provide several attractive perks. Of those, free two-day shipping may be the most attractive. There are no spending limits and the offer is good on thousands of items listed for sale on Addition perks include access to Prime Video, which allows thousands of television shows and movies to be streamed instantly via smartphones, tablets, and connection devices such as Fire TV and Fire Stick. Prime Music and Prime Photo are included as well, along with Kindle Library, which allows members to borrow one free e-book each month (over a million titles to choose from).

Prime service is paid for yearly at a set rate and can be cancelled at any time during the current yearly period in order to avoid the automated billing that will take place when the time comes for renewal. To sign up for or cancel Prime, call the Amazon Prime contact number. Alternately, Prime membership can be cancelled in several areas of the website, but is easiest to locate and manage from within your personal account area of the site. Amazon customer services can help with account management if you are unable to locate your personal account area. All of the online perks associated with Prime, such as movies, can be accessed from the account area as well.

Amazon Download and Streaming Services

Amazon offers several options for downloading and streaming media. Many movies and television shows can be purchased and added to your account for future viewing. Nightly rental is also an option when accessing Amazon Instant Video. Music, games, and software can also be purchased and stored on-site in the same way that movies can. Cloud subscriptions for storage are available for purchase separately, with different options available for various storage requirements. All media can be managed by accessing the “Digital Content” area from within your account area.

The cost to download or steam content varies, but Amazon Prime members are provided with access to much of the content available on the site at no extra cost. All movie and television show rentals will have an expiry time, at which they will no longer be available. Full purchases of media are yours to keep and do not expire. These can typically be viewed online or by way of internet connected devices such as Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, and more. Contact Amazon to learn more about devices and apps that can be used to stream content.

Kindle purchases are also stored online and can be accessed from within your order history. Call 0870 280 2518 if you need help with accessing any e-books or for help with adding a device to your account. Book downloads can be accessed on some non-Kindle devices, and an Amazon customer service agent can tell you exactly which devices and operating systems will allow you to access e-books from the site. Online, contact and devices can be managed, along with setting from within the “Manage Your Content and Devices” area. Users must be logged into the site to access this area.

Amazon Kindle and Fire Products

Amazon offers several types of media products that can be used to read e-books, watch programming, connect to the internet, play games, listen to music, and more. The original Kindle was the first of such products to be released, and this device is still available for purchase. Upgraded versions of the Kindle provide more features, and these currently are the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage. There is also a Kindle version for children, which includes a colored cover and 2-years of accident protection.

Fire Tablets are another option that is available. These too come in different versions, starting with the basic Fire and progressing to the Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10. The primary difference between the 8 and 10 is size, with one offering an 8″ screen size and the other offering a 10″ screen size. The same as with the Kindle, there is also a version for children being made available. The Kids Edition offers a 7″ display, colored cover, 8 GB of storage, and is Wi-Fi enabled. The Amazon contact number can be used to connect with an agent who can answer specific questions about the different tablets that are currently available.

Amazon Fire TV is a device that can be connected to both your television and the internet, and allow for viewing various types of content via apps. For example, the device can be used to view programs on Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and many more. The device does support 4K Ultra HD viewing and provides access to over 800 games. The Fire Stick, which costs about half the price, offers many of the same features but does not support 4K and does not provide the games. Game lovers may be interest in the Fire TV Gaming Edition, which comes with a controller and access to hundreds of games. The Fire TV is also offered as part of a bundle with a HD Antenna for connecting to local channels.

The Echo is the newest of the Amazon product lineup. This wireless speaker device provides 360º omni-directional audio and will be hitting the market soon. Music can be access via Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more. Hands-free convenience with voice-control options are built in, as is the ability to control lights, switches, and thermostats. Call Amazon customer service by dialing 0870 280 2518 to order the Echo, or to get assistance with setting the device up properly once you have received it.

Amazon Timeline

1994 – Founded

1995 – goes online

1997 – Company goes public on NASDAQ

1998 – Announcement of the inclusion of items other than books is made

2002 – Super Saver Shipping is launched

2005 – Amazon Prime is launched

2006 – Fulfillment by Amazon shipping for third-party sellers is launched

2007 – AmazonFresh grocery service is launched

2007 – Amazon Music online music store and music locker is launched

2007 – First Amazon Kindle hits the market

2009 – Acquisition of Zappos

2011 – Amazon Video becomes Amazon Instant Video

2011 – Amazon Appstore for Android devices is launched

2011 – Kindle Fire table hits the market

2012 – Kindle Fire HD touchscreen tablet computers hit the market

2014 – Amazon Fire is launched

2015 – First retail store, Amazon Books is opened in Seattle, Washington