Affinity Water: 0870 218 5072

Dial the Affinity Water contact number to speak with someone in the Affinity Water customer service department. Assistance is available for accounts, payments & billing, moving home, problem reports, and more. The Affinity Water phone number is a 24/7 line for emergency reporting. For all other matters, lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. 

Affinity Water Contact Number
0870 218 5072

Affinity Water, founded in 2012, is a water supply company jointly owned by North Haven Infrastructure Partners and Infracapital Partners. The company is the largest water supplier in UK, supplying an average of 900 million litres of water on a daily basis to more than 3.5 million people. By calling the Affinity Water contact number, existing and current customers can ask questions, request rate information, establish service, and much more.

Affinity Water: 0870 280 5539

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5539
Make A Complaint0345 357 2401
International Number+44 345 357 2401

Affinity Water Customer Services

Affinity Water contact is an option using several different methods. The Affinity Water telephone number is open for billing and account enquries Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm. The phone line for emergencies is open 24-hours a day. If you would like to send mail to the company, the following address can be used: Affinity Water, Tamblin Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9EZ. You will also find them on social media. Customer service agents are very responsive to messages sent via Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to Tweet about a leak, the company asks that you use hashtag, #leakspotters.

Services Offered

Affinity Water offers a wide range of products and services to their customers. Water services are offered to both individual and business customers. Services are also offered to developers who need installation during construction and local schools. The company deals in installing domestic and commercial water meters, water leaks and other problems, maintaining water pressure and quality, and checking hardness of water; among others.

Your plumbing system, like your electricity, is one of the basic needs of the house. In fact it may be called even the most important inspection because failure of electricity will hardly ruin a house, but everyone knows the havoc a regurgitating toilet or a burst water tube can cause. With this in mind, Affinity Water customer services do offer information on routine maintenance, as well as information regarding how to deal with problems once they do occur.

Rate Information

Affinity Water customer services often answers questions about rates. The water bill for any household or workplace actually depends on the usage and also the rates differ according to different regions. There are metered and non-metered bills, and the bill is usually measured in cubic metres (1000 L). One is always charged a standing charge plus the charge for volume water used and waste water. In 2016/17, customers in east and central region may have an average bill of £174 per year, while that of southeast regions may see an average bill of £206 per year. The charges vary due to the different rules and regulations in different regions.

Moving Home

If you plan to move to a new home and need to transfer your service, contact Affinity Water customer services. An agent will be able to tell you if the service is available in your new area, and if so, can help you to set up the transfer. Be prepared to provide information such as your current and new addresses, the date that you will need the new service, and the date that you will no longer need service at the old location. The customer service agent can also help you with questions about submitting a meter reading and your final bill for the previous home.

Installation & Repair Service

Affinity Water also provides new connections, temporary building water supplies, and repair of old water networks for builders and developers. As a step towards saving water, teaching the younger generation the importance of water and encouraging them to save water, the education centre welcomes thousands of student visitors every year on class visits. Call the Affinity Water phone number to schedule an education visit.

A persistent leak for instance can cause long term damage. If you acquire the house without knowing this, and this damage surfaces during your stay, you will need costly repairs to fix this. It is important to know before buying what you are getting into, and Affinity Water services do include inspections. Furthermore, Affinity Water contact can be used to request information on new construction, home improvements involving plumbing and water lines, and more. As for general repairs, the company can point you in the direction of an approved plumber.

Problem Reports

Online forms are provided for those who wish to report a problem without the need for calling the Affinity Water contact number. Information regarding area-wide leaks is available online, but if you determine that the leak is specific to your home, you will need to contact Affinity Water. The company does carry responsibility for the water lines outside of your home, but does not cover problems within the home. For those, you can ring the Affinity Water telephone number to ask for the contact number of a recommended repair service.