Activision: 1753 756100

Individuals should call the Activision contact number if they need information regarding the latest games or the latest technologies in the industry. Individuals should also contact Activision customer service if they need help with their account. Call the Activision phone number for 24/7 customer support.

Activision Contact Number
1753 756100

Activision is an American company that offers video game publishing services. Since 1979, they have been specializing in the development and distribution of video games primarily used for gaming consoles. Some of their most famous games include the Tony Hawk series, the Call of Duty series, and the Guitar Hero series. Activision has an active online community that is open to anyone. Interested parties may sign up to become members and have access to an online account. The company also offers various employment and career opportunities globally. Those who are interested can reach out to to the company by calling the Activision telephone number.