AA: 0870 218 3627

Call the AA contact number to speak directly with an AA customer service agent. Representatives are standing by to provide information regarding coverage rates, can assist with changes to coverage, and can dispatch someone to your location in the case of a breakdown. The AA phone number is a 24/7 phone line for claims and emergency breakdown reporting. 

AA Contact Number
0870 218 3627 

The AA or Automobile Association is the UK’s very first motoring association, having been formed in 1905. Since then, they’ve been actively participating in roadside rescue, motor insurance, and breakdown cover while also giving driving lessons and motoring advice to car and bike owners alike. According to some statistics, AA experts fix 4 in every 5 roadside breakdowns in the country. Most of these repairs are fixed in 30 minutes or less. In addition to this, AA is responsible for rescuing motorists in the UK every 9 seconds. If you need assistance or wish to purchase coverage, call the AA breakdown number as shown here.

AA: 0870 280 5572

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5572
Make A Complaint0344 209 0754
International Number+44 344 209 0754

AA Customer Service

When you call AA contact number, you will be redirected to their customer service team. These lines remain open 24/7, 365 days a year. However, for other inquiries, you can call them between Monday and Friday (8am-9pm). If you’re calling on a Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday, you should do so between 8am-8pm, 8.30am-5pm, 9am-5pm, respectively. If you want to send an email inquiry, then you can use the email address as follows: customersupport@theAA.com. If you want to send them a letter, you can find the appropriate address within the contact area of the AA website. There are specific addresses for insurance, driving school, breakdown cover complaints, and more.

Automobile Association Services

The association has been offering various breakdown solutions to different risk-conscious road users. They have a package called National Recovery & Roadside cover, which is the most popular cover so far.  Customers can also extend their basic insurance policies to cover any type of car, including the cost of public transport plus accommodation too. Those who opt for the premium package will find that it covers the cost of parts and maintenance at the garage as well. If you happen to have any of these covers in place, you can call them directly on their 24-hour AA phone number assistance line to have their experts come to your rescue immediately.

In addition to this, AA has diversified its services to give their UK customers value for money. Today, they offer car insurance in addition to life insurance, home insurance, and many more. They’ve also ventured in the financial industry too, and are actively giving different types of loans including car loans. Finally, they have a vast array of products and services aimed at helping drivers operate their motor vehicles efficiently. Call the AA breakdown phone number for more information regarding any of the additional services offered by the company.

Other AA Products

Windshield or glass repair issues: Customers should book an appointment on their site or by phoning the AA breakdown contact number to have problems related to Windshield or glass damage sorted out immediately. AA even goes an extra mile to handle paper work for its customers to get back on the road soonest. Finally, minor windshield repairs are often done free of charge.

Replacement of your car battery: If your car battery develops trouble, it will be tested, fixed or replaced immediately provided you are covered by any of their packages.

Wrong fuel insurance: Some drivers end up refueling with a different type of fuel only to realise that they’ve done a terrible mistake. In this case, AA technicians will rush to the scene to salvage the situation so the victim can get back on the road in 2 hours or less.

Car transport insurance: If your vehicle cannot move or is stranded for some reason, it can be transported to any destination across the UK, provided you are covered. Call the AA breakdown number to schedule a transport.

Bike breakdown & recovery: Finally, road users who own bikes are sufficiently covered against breakdowns or accidents. If you’ve signed up for any of their packages, you will receive free roadside assistance, garage transportation, and assistance in the event that you were involved in an accident.

Making a Claim

AA breakdown contact will be necessary in order to submit a claim. Their claims helpline is always open for calls, so you can always call them to have one of their advisors give you all the options that may be applicable to you at the time. When you call to discuss with their advisor, you are essentially making an official accident report, so expect to take advantage of ”Claim Fast” solution or have your insurer work on your case. The status of your claim will be communicated in a week’s time. If you have not heard back from an agent by then, AA contact is recommended.