A Shade Greener: 0870 218 5065

Dial the A Shade Greener contact number to enquire about maintenance and other services for solar panels. The A Shade Greener customer service team is available to answer any questions related to solar energy options. The business hours for the A Shade Greener phone number are not provided by the company, which means that standard business hours are likely the best time to place a call.

A Shade Greener Contact Number
0870 218 5065

A Shade Greener is a company that is able to offer people environmentally friendly energy solutions. People will be able to access ways of consuming the existing energy that they use much more responsibly, and they will be able to gain access to energy that is more environmentally friendly in general, along with energy deals. Unfortunately, newer customers are not going to be able to get free solar panels until 2017 at the earliest, given recent changes in solar energy policy. Still, people will be able to benefit from services concerning deals on energy.

A Shade Greener: 0870 280 6614

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6614
Make A Complaint0345 301 2342
International Number+44 345 301 2342

Customer Service

Calling the A Shade Greener contact number can get people in contact with their customer service staff straight away. Some customers choose to contact the customer service staff through social media, and this contact method is suitable for those who have general enquiries. Most customers can expect to get responses to their social media queries within twenty-four hours if they post their messages on weekdays. For email contact, customers can use the provided online contact form or send an email to: message@ashadegreener.co.uk.

Products & Services

Customers go to A Shade Greener in order to reduce their energy bills through the use of an energy efficient boiler. People will save three hundred and forty euros per year on average. There is no initial deposit, which makes it easier for customers to be able to afford to make the switch. The monthly payments are also relatively low compared to what most people would expect. Customers will be able to receive a warranty that lasts for a decade, so many of them will not be taking any sort of risk in the process of calling the A Shade Greener phone number and working with them.

Energy Switch

The Energy Switch function on the website for A Shade Greener can make it that much easier for people to be able to save money on their energy bills. All they have to do is provide information related to their energy usage and they will manage to get a savings plan that will take their individual energy usage into account. They will be able to look at all of the different deals that are available to them, and then A Shade Greener customer services will be able to help them make the switch right away.

Boiler Options

There are lots of different choices for the people who are interested in using the A Shade Greener telephone number and finding out about the boilers. There are certainly many different payment options as well. People can get their boilers on finance, which is going to make it easier for most customers who are trying to make the switch. Some customers may be eligible for free boiler grants, and these are going to make it easier for customers to be able to get the boilers that they want. Contact A Shade Greener for more information.

Problems & Complaints

Customers who have issues can address them in a number of ways. There is an online form on the A Shade Greener website that people can fill out in order to get some of their inquiries addressed. This will allow them to get a shortcut on the response, and it’s a good choice for the people who don’t have social media accounts. However, calling the A Shade Greener telephone number or using their email address is also going to be a good idea in many cases. The website also has a Frequently Asked Questions page that should allow customers to get started in many cases.