A Quick Look at the New Features of the iPad Pro


The 12″ iPad Pro was released last year and sold 49,000 units in the first month it was on the market. As it was a retail success, many people took the time to contact Apple and request a smaller and less costly version. Apple has now also released a smaller 9.7″ iPad pro. Let’s take a look at the new features of the iPad pro and how it is different to its iPad predecessors.

Retina Display – The iPad Pro has a new and improved display. Featuring the highest screen resolution of any iPad product, Apple has also introduced a larger screen. Using new technology the screen is also the brightest and least reflective of any tablet on the market currently.

HD Camera – Both the front facing and back facing cameras have been improved. The smaller iPad Pro has an amazing 12 megapixel back facing camera while the larger one is 8 megapixels with the ability to shoot 4k video, live photos and slow motion videos. It also has an improved Facetime HD Camera. The iPad Pro also introduced the True Tone flash that makes skin tone look as good as it can.

Four Speakers – The iPad Pro features four speakers that sit in each corner that automatically adjust for stereo sound as you move the screen. No matter which way you’re holding it, you’ll hear amazing stereo sound that is much longer and more impressive than other iPad products. If you need Apple support for optimal speaker settings, contact the customer support team.

Processor – The 64 bit A9X processor is a top end chip that can provide computer like performance. It also has 4GB of RAM and either 32GB or 128GB storage options. Making multitasking a breeze and able to handle apps, larger games and 4k videos without any struggle. Even though the iPad Pro is extremely powerful, this shouldn’t affect the battery life. Apple claims it’ll still have a 10-hour battery life.

Design – Apple has somehow managed to make a powerful yet lightweight iPad. The 9.7” model weighs less than a pound and is only 6.1mm thin while the 12.9” model weighs about 1.57 pounds and 6.9mm thin. Both iPad Pros are easy to hold and solid.

Apple Pencil & Smart Keyboard – Apple has created two new accessories for the iPad Pro. The Smart Keyboard is a thin portable keyboard that also doubles as an iPad cover. It’s also extremely easy to use, just attached and type. Apple Pencil is the first stylus that Apple has ever designed. It’s very sensitive allowing you to draw or sketch anything you can think of. It is sensitive to pressure, tilt and force.

As well as all of these new features, Apple decided to keep some of the ones we know and love as well. Fast wireless connectivity, Touch ID, plenty of accessories and iOS 9 software included. With all of these new features, as well as some old ones, Apple has made some significant changes to the iPad design with the iPad Pro. If you need assistance with choosing from the full line of iPad’s, Apple help is always available.